Bang La Decks - Utopia (Official Audio)

Bang La Decks - Utopia (Official Audio)
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Licensing & International: (Evan Klimakis)
Bookings Greece & Cyprus: (Alexander Lupa)
Bookings International: (Evan Klimakis)
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Written & produced by Bang La Decks
Cover by Maria Delakou
3D logo by Yiannis Papadakos
Special thanks to Timecode
Special thanks to Jay Koundouri
Label : Down2Earth Records / EMI ℗ 2013
Bang La Decks, the dynamic duo with their roots in Eastern Europe's Balcan region, return, with their brand new summer 2013 single, "Utopia".
Following their ultra hit "Kuedon" BLD release yet another anthemic club hit, blending eclectic tribal influences and afrobeat rhythm.
Check out: "Claydee feat. Jenn Morel - Licky (Official Video)"

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  • 2021 💯

    Carlos GaibarCarlos GaibarPäev tagasi
  • All these years and never new this song was Amharic language Utopia/Ethiopia 🇪🇹🔥

    Real DealReal Deal2 päeva tagasi
  • Kakav je ovo hit bio jebote 2013... Zurke, TDI radio...

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  • *2021*

    forever young 新 ドラゴンforever young 新 ドラゴン11 päeva tagasi
  • #KatanayagiTwins #BangLaDecks #Utopia #DjNoobSaibot #Greece #Romans Alley,ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay For the love of mum & motherland

    Google AccountGoogle Account14 päeva tagasi
  • Fifa 15 memories?

    Vlad DibuVlad Dibu19 päeva tagasi
    • Yes

      Abbod SarkhiAbbod SarkhiPäev tagasi

    Yunus POLATYunus POLAT22 päeva tagasi
  • Ethiopia....Amharic lyrics..... LOVE Utopia

    Firaol NegasiFiraol Negasi23 päeva tagasi
  • for Rebekkha ,damn I'm getting old

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  • goosebumps at 0:32 it touches my feeling in strong way🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️

    Omar GalilOmar GalilМісяць tagasi
  • damn i found it in 2021 is so nostalgic

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  • Oh that fifa 15 vibe, that vibe before all flexing and bullshit.

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  • Its 2021 and this is still legendary

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    • be mekera finally found this song

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  • I get emotional when I hear this.

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  • Radio Bravo pustao ovu muziku 2013.-2014.godine!!!

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