Jagar norrsken med @Jonna Jinton i -11°C | Hunting northern Lights | Under Bar Himmel S01E03

I avsnitt 3 av Under Bar Himmel så åker jag upp till Marsfjäll och Saxnäs för att möta upp norrskensjägaren Jonna Jinton. Jonna bor i Grundtjärn men har drömt om att en gång få sova en natt under bar himmel i Marsfjäll.
Dagen innan jag kom upp hade Jonna scoutat fram en vacker plats där vi kunde se de mäktiga fjällen och prognosen lovade både hög aktivitet från solen samt stjärnklart vilket betyder norrsken.
Vi packade två pulkor. En med ved och en med kamerautrustning, spadar och sovsäckar. Vi lastade in i bilarna och begav oss mot destinationen.
Det var en väldigt blåsig dag. Men vi grävde en djup snögrop som skyddade oss från vinden och som vi hade en mäktig utkik från.
Jonna visade hur man tar en time laps och fotar ett norrsken så att man får den fina filmen som ni ser i videon här.
Till middag stekte vi röding som fiskats upp tidigare under dagen och till frukost så invigde Jonna sitt älg-mackjärn och bjöd på varma-mackor och whiskey.
Det var ett magiskt äventyr och jag hoppas att ni tycker om avsnittet.
Stort tack till dig Jonna för att du visade mig den här magiska platsen och för att du gjorde det här äventyret så vackert!
Ni kan se mer av allt vackert Jonna skapar här:
Instagram: jonnajinton
EEtvs: eetvs.info
Och stort tack till Naturkompaniet för lån av pulka och snöskor!
Här är länk till sovsäckarna som höll oss varma
Har ni några frågor eller funderingar? Kanske om packningen?
Önskemål om kommande gäster?
Skriv gärna i kommentarsfältet!
Tack! Tack! Tack!

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  • Such a beautiful experience out in nature! Jonna is the loveliest. Happy to follow your adventures, Jonas!

    Emily SheaEmily Shea31 minut tagasi
  • I wish I could watch more episodes but I don't speak Swedish! :-( Loved this one though! Very fun and inspiring to drive north and see the Northern Lights myself! :-)

    Stacey BatzerStacey BatzerTund tagasi
  • Beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing! G.

    Gloria MaggsGloria Maggs6 tundi tagasi
  • Thank You! This was amazing.

    Sara VaccaroSara Vaccaro7 tundi tagasi
  • Really nice adventure but so sad for the ads every five minutes ...

    Sabyne ALAINSabyne ALAIN14 tundi tagasi
  • Can you sub title all your videos in English? I would love to understand your conversations. This was an amazing video. Thank you!

    Linda JonesLinda Jones17 tundi tagasi
  • Thank you so much for the subtitles, I cannot remember watching a video and smiling so much.Vicarious adventure ,very much appreciated. Cheers

    June SzeiderJune Szeider19 tundi tagasi
  • For en fantastisk video! Elsker hvor naturlig hele settingen er og hvor god kjemi dere har. 🌲❤️

    DraupneDraupne23 tundi tagasi
  • Your herding call 😅😅😆👌

    Fame LovFame LovPäev tagasi
  • I'm watching your vlogs ,, I'm from Philippines 😍

    Ligaya EsperanzaLigaya EsperanzaPäev tagasi
  • It is sad that in this wonderful video there are nine ads!!! Horrible!

    hibiscusqhibiscusqPäev tagasi
  • What virtue! So pure, so genuine, so precious! This was such a beautiful video, I laughed, I smiled, and I wept. What a true honor it must have been to have been graced with the presence and company of dear Jonna Jinton, on a crisp clear night beneath the stars, watching the Aurora, being surrounded by snow, trees, and mountains. I wouldn't know how to be, I'd crumble. || I so very much identify, value and resonate with what she had shared (Avatar), that's my sentiment exactly! I remember Sofia Jannok saying the same in a Ted Talks video, oh my heart! || The scenery reminds me of a part of Alaska near where I used to live, I could show you pictures and you'd probably think it was taken there in Marsfjaellen; Sweden has so very much captured my heart! I'm so honored to have had the opportunity to set foot in your beautiful country, but now I really wish I would have allocated more time to explore these magnificent places, I only had passed through it on my way to Norway, as I had a limited itinerary. || I think you've captured the most beautiful moments on this side of the universe! || Jonna Jinton and YT algorithms sent me! All the best!

    Sky DanceSky DancePäev tagasi
  • Thank you for sharing the video. I've been a fan of Jonna's for several years, and it's nice for a change to have someone else behind the camera. Also Like the interviews, her answers are so honest and so thoughtful, wow! But I gotta say, I was so scared for both of you guys, especially when cooking fish. What if wild animals were to come and attack you? It is in nature after all.

    MellyNickyMellyNickyPäev tagasi
  • 😲😍Ihr seid im Himmel... Im Himmel auf Erden😊 ❣️💖Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland

    KarolineKarolinePäev tagasi
  • Beautiful! Thank you! And I got to see another side of Jonna who we follow on her you tube!

    Jeannine FJeannine FPäev tagasi
  • I have an idea for your future guest...ME! Oh my this would be a dream come true, I'm so glad I watched this, the closest I'll get is tenting out in my backyard in Ontario, Canada. You have a new fan/follower, thank you Jonna for bringing me here!

    Mary AnneMary AnnePäev tagasi
  • Joanna told in her vlog that this vlog have English subtitles, but it doesn't have and i can't understand a single word, but its okay

    Kinza AsifKinza AsifPäev tagasi
  • One more thing....the music you are using is so beautifully perfect for this incredible video....love it

    Denise BakerDenise BakerPäev tagasi
  • Greetings from beautiful Colorado! Loved your wonderful and fun video. Thanks so much for the subtitles and loved hearing you two speak your native language. And all the laughter and fun! Kudos to both of you! 😊🌷🌹

    Leslie TownsendLeslie TownsendPäev tagasi
  • please tell me how your jumper is called or perhpas were to get ojne. i had one as teenager when i visitid sweden and norway - and fall in love with it. would love that jjumper again

    Volker StiensVolker Stiens2 päeva tagasi
  • Шведский звучит супер, пора учить

    T_ wT_ w2 päeva tagasi
  • New subscriber from South Africa 🇿🇦... I love your energy came for Jonna... but your energy is infectious and so is your smile... love your language ❤ love from Africa

    Lerato MzondiLerato Mzondi2 päeva tagasi
  • Do hope your other videos get subtitled soon👏🤞✊🏽🍀🙏 I loved your adventure with Jonna Jinton and now wish I understood Swedish better when watching your other adventures 🤗 Practice makes Perfection✌🏽 Thank you Jonas for your INSPIRATION❣ Sending Enormous Gratitude & Appreciation, Big Blessings & Love, Many Mercies & Compassion and All the Luck in your Journeys ✌🏽❤🙏🏽

    Renay MayRenay May2 päeva tagasi
  • Beautiful video....love the northern lights in the night sky...Brave souls to sleep out in the cold in a snow dug hole!!! Love your channel Jonas. You seem to nice and sincere. I'm watching from the Oregon Coast. Far away but its like being there when watching....

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  • Heyyyy that's my jonna, she's adorable.. Full of blessings which blossoms..

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  • I'm very happy to watch this . Love from the philippines 💕

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  • Jonna really puts her whole heart into everything, including a conversation.

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  • I'm here from Jonna's channel. What a beautiful experience in her beloved mountains. The night sky and Northern lights are absolutely spectacular. Jonna definitely bring amazing and magical to everything she does. I'm glad that I took the time to come here and watch your video, I really enjoyed it.

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  • 💖😁🥰

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  • Himmel is actactly the same word in German. really interesting that german and swidisch,finish are really different languages but share many words

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  • hej

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  • bahahaha 'Jag lekar bara lite Blair Witch.' LMAO!!!

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  • Jonna Jinton brought me here and I am now your new supporter. I love to see how people from the north of Sweden live their lives to the fullest with such a lovely place so close to nature. ❤️

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  • Underbart! Älskar Jonnas vanliga klipp, men det går ju inte att komma ifrån att det blir mer naturligt och, liksom nära på ens modersmål. Så väldigt fint att se henne på svenska. Har saknat det lite...Jonas är en ny bekantskap för mig. Fint att se att ni fick så himla trevligt! såg väldigt mysigt ut!

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  • Love this video, thanks for posting it and the conversations, 'avatar' is also one of my favourite films and feels there are truths to what happened on this planet !!

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  • Your herd call reminds me of #LordKrishna, the God of Hinduism in India. I become prayerful on hearing that. So undesirable 👌Great.

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  • A cosy sleep in cold climate, great! :) How do you guys up there in the northern parts do/did make up for VitaminC in your diet and nourishment - I mean without modern supermarket southern and overseas exotic fruits - and besides raw and fermented Sauerkraut I know from German culture? Love

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  • Just came over from Jonna's video... hers are lovely as always and yours was just as nice! I found myself smiling and laughing along side you guys. Was a much needed pick-me-up as the last few days have had some sadness. Beautiful country, beautiful people!

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