Trapped Inside 100 Layers of Orbeez

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  • Did you watch our last video 👀

    JustDustinJustDustinМісяць tagasi
    • Iron

      Billie JarrettBillie JarrettPäev tagasi
    • What kind of question is that?ofcourse I did

      Ripped Kid FunRipped Kid Fun13 päeva tagasi
    • hey dustin u da man peace

      Gabriel DelpGabriel Delp17 päeva tagasi
    • 😊

      Jhon Prince AngelesJhon Prince Angeles25 päeva tagasi
    • Which one

      Castro KidsCastro Kids27 päeva tagasi
  • put him in deflated basketballs

    deborah singhdeborah singh6 tundi tagasi
  • Put Zack of a box of fruit by the foot

    Micro Guardian FanEverMicro Guardian FanEver16 tundi tagasi
  • I love the man she so strong 💪

    Lenard JandayanLenard Jandayan19 tundi tagasi
  • y e s

    Freddy LemmFreddy LemmPäev tagasi

    Onii-chan UwUOnii-chan UwUPäev tagasi
  • Dustin x wall

    Luxe H8tedLuxe H8tedPäev tagasi
  • Hard 💩 that’s what you should put him in

    Blaize ConteeBlaize ConteePäev tagasi
  • Put zack in concrete

    Rick PellegrinRick Pellegrin2 päeva tagasi
  • 100 layers of that wonderboard!

    Trent TTrent T2 päeva tagasi
  • Brick

    The Cool CannonThe Cool Cannon2 päeva tagasi
  • The ultimate wall is the titanium trap them in that

    Tyler NutgrassTyler Nutgrass2 päeva tagasi
  • That face protection and his hat faced backwards make it look like he is using a face visor and a helmet

    Donutpanda_21Donutpanda_212 päeva tagasi
  • 8:33 he should try mining as a hobby

    Agent HpAgent Hp2 päeva tagasi
  • He sounds like unspeakable

  • The Quality of this has gone down

    DogenZgamingDogenZgaming2 päeva tagasi
  • Make a wall of ooblek

    Microphone 69Microphone 693 päeva tagasi
  • It’s like mrbeast but he uses weapons

    Ace 25Ace 253 päeva tagasi
  • Pls change the music

    Damion ConroyDamion Conroy3 päeva tagasi
  • Yes yes Yessssss

    Tia WilsonTia Wilson3 päeva tagasi
  • Do 100 Lægers of Steel

    Modi LønfeldtModi Lønfeldt3 päeva tagasi
  • The walls is a wallpaper

    Sabrina EvansSabrina Evans4 päeva tagasi
  • Put him in a pool of hot sauce

    Rafael FlaggRafael Flagg5 päeva tagasi
  • Yes

    Pokemon JeremyPokemon Jeremy5 päeva tagasi
  • brick

    Caleb ReedCaleb Reed5 päeva tagasi
  • Put him in 100 layers of titanium or steel or anything thats metal

    Kenan HadzimujicKenan Hadzimujic5 päeva tagasi
  • put zach in a wall of 100 layers of duck tape

    Vihaan BundhunVihaan Bundhun5 päeva tagasi
  • 100 LARS OF SLIM

    debra nisbitdebra nisbit6 päeva tagasi
  • POV: your bilding a snow hill and digging a tunnel through it

    Eric AdamsEric Adams6 päeva tagasi
  • That paper is looks like Orby‘s but that’s not what you’re breaking through you’re breaking to leave it real or bees

    Isaiah MartinIsaiah Martin6 päeva tagasi
  • Oh no

    Isaiah MartinIsaiah Martin6 päeva tagasi
  • Put Zack in 100 layers of bullet proof glass lmao that would be cool

    UNKNOWN !!!UNKNOWN !!!6 päeva tagasi
  • Are all the wall with concrete at the back foit

    Noah SmeathersNoah Smeathers6 päeva tagasi
  • Put Zack in the dunk tank and put slime in the water and ice cold water

    Mckenzie HarrisMckenzie Harris7 päeva tagasi
  • you should put him in next

    Gale GomezGale Gomez7 päeva tagasi
  • A

    Denise CollinsDenise Collins7 päeva tagasi
  • I have a great idea for Zack to be trapped in! Paper and Glue wall

    WR_KodakkWR_Kodakk7 päeva tagasi
  • Trap him in 100 layers fiber concrete like you did with trent

    Omg adventuresOmg adventures7 päeva tagasi
  • we have mr beast at home

    Isaac DuncanIsaac Duncan7 päeva tagasi
  • Can you do 100 layers of glue

    Mamuanadude 3Mamuanadude 37 päeva tagasi
  • 100 layers wit bricks

    adam gamingadam gaming8 päeva tagasi
  • Sorry to be... "THAT G U Y" but I hate the fact that they use the B A C C of pickaxe and/or ice climbers.

    Rando And ThingsRando And Things8 päeva tagasi
  • Obleck

    Zayden RobinsonZayden Robinson8 päeva tagasi
  • I know what u should pit him in next u should pit him in a house like this orby one BUT in stead on orbys pit a lay of glass then wood then mettal =w= this probley my best idea i have ever thought of lol

    Marie LewisMarie Lewis8 päeva tagasi
  • 3:40 This is me on mine craft trying to get through obsidian with a iron pickaxe

    Fintan stewart-pullanFintan stewart-pullan8 päeva tagasi
  • You should be in a nice cage but instead of ice it should be hot sauce

    Jax MartinJax Martin8 päeva tagasi
  • Frozen hot sauce

    Jax MartinJax Martin8 päeva tagasi
  • 100 layers of steel shet

    Rfsdf DrfdefRfsdf Drfdef8 päeva tagasi
  • Metal

    Jermon GarrisonJermon Garrison8 päeva tagasi
  • Level*

    Jermon GarrisonJermon Garrison8 päeva tagasi
  • Put him in gravel/metro/cement

    Jermon GarrisonJermon Garrison8 päeva tagasi
  • Hey justdustin what are you doing right now justdustin

    Ahnaf Gaming ytAhnaf Gaming yt8 päeva tagasi
  • foot thick wall of line-x

    NiggwardNiggward8 päeva tagasi
  • The blue one

    21 tryhard21 tryhard8 päeva tagasi
  • You should put him in oblek

    Katie HiltonKatie Hilton9 päeva tagasi
  • are they nl cuz i saw calvin klein underpants

    rikke Mulderrikke Mulder9 päeva tagasi
  • you should put zack in a 100 layers of gold

    Leo B's WolfPackLeo B's WolfPack9 päeva tagasi
  • Lego

    Aria PangAria Pang9 päeva tagasi
  • 1000 layers of silk that's the strongest substance on the Earth

    Amanda NashAmanda Nash9 päeva tagasi
  • do the wan o cambo

    Marcus KeithMarcus Keith9 päeva tagasi
  • … put him in metal lol

    RBLXNeverStopChanginRBLXNeverStopChangin9 päeva tagasi
  • Can I get names to your music that you use

    Angus BilodeauAngus Bilodeau9 päeva tagasi
  • You should do a box of cement to be trapped in

    WaterWolfWaterWolf9 päeva tagasi
  • Yes he won

    Yara SwainYara Swain9 päeva tagasi
  • yes

    bumblebee sportbumblebee sport9 päeva tagasi
  • sument

    bumblebee sportbumblebee sport9 päeva tagasi
  • A wall out of hockey pucks

    Aaron KenneyAaron Kenney9 päeva tagasi
  • Bedrock

    Cody MoodyCody Moody9 päeva tagasi
  • Put Eric in one hundred layers of bullet proof apoxy

    Mr InspectorMr Inspector9 päeva tagasi
  • That’s technically not an oreez wall if it was he would of gotten out in a minute or so

    PoohPooh10 päeva tagasi
  • Concrete

    Casey AmyCasey Amy10 päeva tagasi
  • Put Zack in a flex seal prison

    cynthia thorntoncynthia thornton10 päeva tagasi
  • 100 layers of clay

    AA GamingAA Gaming10 päeva tagasi
  • put him in steel.

    CorralCorral10 päeva tagasi
  • Studio do

    Morag Mackinnongl lMorag Mackinnongl l10 päeva tagasi
  • CDEOOOLOX delete

    Morag Mackinnongl lMorag Mackinnongl l10 päeva tagasi
  • Titanium

    Nathan TrustyNathan Trusty10 päeva tagasi
  • Cement cage with chains

    Hayley ShermanHayley Sherman10 päeva tagasi
  • He failed either way.

    oblivexxoblivexx10 päeva tagasi
  • Dustin sounded like Trent 4:36

    Dhhdhd HhdDhhdhd Hhd10 päeva tagasi
  • 100 layer s of cement

    Brix DalidaBrix Dalida10 päeva tagasi
  • Put him in steel

    puggo boypuggo boy10 päeva tagasi
  • Make them drink a whole tub of hot sauce

    Andrew DickeyAndrew Dickey10 päeva tagasi
  • trap Zach in tungsten with an electric charge

    Aa AAa A10 päeva tagasi
  • Ben azelart should try this with Jeremy and Brent

    Shomili RayShomili Ray10 päeva tagasi
  • It's lego wall

    mk Kmk K10 päeva tagasi
  • Wiem jedno oni na pewno uciekną ze wszystkich wieńzień

    Basia MurzydłoBasia Murzydło11 päeva tagasi
  • 😂

    mel1991mgmel1991mg11 päeva tagasi
  • You are great

    Enzos ShowEnzos Show11 päeva tagasi
  • Your videos are great because Mr. beast just complemented you

    Enzos ShowEnzos Show11 päeva tagasi
  • 100 of steel in for one hour

    Enzos ShowEnzos Show11 päeva tagasi
  • Layers of steel in for one hour

    Enzos ShowEnzos Show11 päeva tagasi
  • Staininsteal

    Paul DowningPaul Downing11 päeva tagasi
  • A metal boxes

    parrcarverparrcarver11 päeva tagasi
  • JustDustin your 5.04m subs good job

    fordxa19fordxa1911 päeva tagasi
  • pu zack in 100 layers of flex paste

    Jack DickinsonJack Dickinson11 päeva tagasi
  • How making

    Ubralod noob OsikmashviliUbralod noob Osikmashvili11 päeva tagasi
  • Put on 26,000,000 orbeez

    Leron RobertsonLeron Robertson11 päeva tagasi
  • Not the wall shirt😎😎

    tammy grissomtammy grissom11 päeva tagasi
  • man just go for the blue one

    Ingemerete AndersenIngemerete Andersen11 päeva tagasi