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  • why is my butt shaking?

    SariahSariahMinut tagasi
  • Does he think whispering will make it better?

    Rohaba GulzarRohaba Gulzar5 minutit tagasi
  • Me trying to explain why I have anxiety to the school nurse:

    karmasoctopusnailskarmasoctopusnails7 minutit tagasi
  • is it me or is this video so quiet lmao

    Olivia MooreOlivia Moore8 minutit tagasi
  • Guess what he didn't do 👀

    StanAllThemSnomsStanAllThemSnoms12 minutit tagasi
  • He hasn't posted one month what is going on

    Antonia XenikakiAntonia Xenikaki16 minutit tagasi
    • Most likely demonized

      Yeet But yoteYeet But yote12 sekundit tagasi
  • Get this man a Oscar

    karmasoctopusnailskarmasoctopusnails23 minutit tagasi
    • @the person that has a breakdown every five minutes heyy 😭💀🤚

      karmasoctopusnailskarmasoctopusnailsMinut tagasi
    • 😭😭😭

      the person that has a breakdown every five minutesthe person that has a breakdown every five minutes5 minutit tagasi
  • turn to God and repent He loves you so much and died for you on the cross ❤️

    All glory to GodAll glory to God24 minutit tagasi
  • Hi James! its ok i understand. Just remember to always be urself and dont let anybody try to change u into someone u are not. I love u and hope u have a good day.(sorry for the really late comment )

    gabrielle mitchellgabrielle mitchell30 minutit tagasi
    • This isn’t the first time he has done this. He isn’t going to change.

      Yeet But yoteYeet But yote15 minutit tagasi
  • Coup de grace, Coup de grace...

    Imperfectly_ MeadowsImperfectly_ Meadows35 minutit tagasi
  • I just realized that I accidentally subcribe to this😮 he so weird!!!

    Anthony llAnthony ll35 minutit tagasi
  • I've heard that Charles walked naked around in front of Rocklein right in front of her calling her a "bitch". Yeah, Charles *very* sisterly way to call your employers a "Bitch". I've also heard that he texted a female named Kelly telling her that he needs help shaving his butt.

    Imperfectly_ MeadowsImperfectly_ Meadows36 minutit tagasi
  • Since when did he care about TW

    Cooking with AmeliaCooking with Amelia41 minut tagasi
  • I would still support u James it was not ur fault its okay 🥰🥰🥰🤗🤗🤗🤗🥰🤗🥰🤗🥰🤗🥰🤗🥰🤗🥰🤗🥰🤗🤗🥰🤗🥰🖤💙🖤💙🖤🖤💙🖤💙🖤💙💙🖤🖤💙🖤💙🖤💙🖤💙🖤💙🖤💙🖤💙🖤🖤💙🖤💙🖤💙🖤💙

    Chocolate_Mocha__Chocolate_Mocha__43 minutit tagasi
    • i hope this is sarcastic 💀

      the person that has a breakdown every five minutesthe person that has a breakdown every five minutes5 minutit tagasi
    • He legit done this before and you know what he did was absolutely terrible and unforgivable, the child must be in shock or traumatized and your still supporting him?!!!

      Ve VVe V9 minutit tagasi
    • @Chocolate_Mocha__ tf you mean ok?

      Alley WowAlley Wow14 minutit tagasi
    • Are u ok? 💀🤡

      Luna LunaLuna Luna15 minutit tagasi
    • It is his fault. He has done this before. You are supporting a “MAP”

      Yeet But yoteYeet But yote15 minutit tagasi
  • Could someone comment in my comment what happen in true video and why is he not recording videos any more 😭😢😔😭😭😭

    Valeria RegaladoValeria Regalado43 minutit tagasi
  • ur at the brink of extinction my guy just take responsibility

    AgustinaAgustina46 minutit tagasi
  • You KNOW its bad when James instead of "Hi sisters!" says some bs like "Hello everybody..."

    Coco DevCoco Dev54 minutit tagasi
    • For real 👁👄👁

      Jonah GlaserJonah Glaser48 minutit tagasi
  • Holding my self gæ. I'm surprised he's still living to tell the story.

    GenesisGenesis54 minutit tagasi
  • Love you James, know you’ve been going through it for a long time now. I’m so sorry

    Lilianna GuadagnoloLilianna Guadagnolo59 minutit tagasi
  • It’s not your job to research! tf! People should not lie about their age

    Labellavitademichelle MjLabellavitademichelle Mj59 minutit tagasi
    • @overlord 8th dimension people should get in trouble for lying about their age too

      Labellavitademichelle MjLabellavitademichelle Mj58 sekundit tagasi
    • It's not his job to search? Fucking grow up

      overlord 8th dimensionoverlord 8th dimension22 minutit tagasi
    • yes it is cos he has a younger audience and they will lie so they can speak to him its happend 8 times this is his fault

      TooNoisyTooNoisy44 minutit tagasi
  • Fill in the blanks (5 marks) Hexagon, pentagon, octagon James Charles's ________ gone

    Shree HariShree HariTund tagasi
  • im unsubscribing.

    ¿trvth?¿trvth?Tund tagasi
  • The fact he uploaded this on April fools and didn’t wait is kinda odd to me

    Toney PancakeToney PancakeTund tagasi
  • Hi

    Carys ViauCarys ViauTund tagasi

    Javarie Newsome 7*3Javarie Newsome 7*3Tund tagasi

      Jonah GlaserJonah Glaser47 minutit tagasi
  • Oh look you earrings look a bit like where you might be going next 😃

    Step DrèStep DrèTund tagasi
  • some of you guys need to grow up lol

    rainbow is a geniusrainbow is a geniusTund tagasi
    • Huh? Who?

      Yeet But yoteYeet But yote13 minutit tagasi
  • I turned my volume *all the way* up

    rainbow is a geniusrainbow is a geniusTund tagasi
  • *Cold twerking*

    Chilly Cold ChomperChilly Cold ChomperTund tagasi
  • The video is so quiet, it's making me nauseous

    Geetanjali SahaGeetanjali SahaTund tagasi
    • @bigthee because compared to other videos on EEtvs and on his channel. The volume is much better.

      Jace QueenJace QueenTund tagasi
    • please why is everybody saying it’s quiet i can hear😟😭

      bigtheebigtheeTund tagasi
  • He “didnt do the research” on how old they were like stfu

    PearPearTund tagasi
  • James: I really f^cked up Me: yeah u did🙁

    M WM WTund tagasi
  • Джеймс не уходи с Ютуба

    АлдиярАлдиярTund tagasi
  • Weirdo

    PearPearTund tagasi
  • i have NEVER seen more dislikes in a video than likes and i adore that this is the first one

    jazzy-sanjazzy-sanTund tagasi
    • @bigthee yupp

      jazzy-sanjazzy-sanTund tagasi
    • you sure about that😫

      bigtheebigtheeTund tagasi
  • Je comprends pas les 25M qui sont restés abo

    mood 'mood 'Tund tagasi
  • What video? I wanna see the video please

    ZERO TWOZERO TWOTund tagasi
    • i thought you didn’t give a f^ck why you wanna see the video? anyways yeah lmk the video too

      bigtheebigtheeTund tagasi
  • Do I look like I give a fuck

    ZERO TWOZERO TWOTund tagasi
    • Ok Zero Two

      Yeet But yoteYeet But yote13 minutit tagasi
    • o-

      bigtheebigtheeTund tagasi
  • Did anyone else see this and be like What???? Then search up james charles and go Oohh 😑?

    M WM WTund tagasi
  • Who’s here that hates James Charles

    The ValentinoesThe Valentinoes2 tundi tagasi
  • Jesus loves you just come to him and he will wash all the stress,anxiety,depression.some people say that only believing in god or Jesus makes you a christian and open the doors to the heavens but that's not true. b/c even the devil knows and believes god exist but guess what it is in hell.just come back to him and he will make you a whole new person.: for further information read the bible.

    lemi bklemi bk2 tundi tagasi
    • @Bennett! ! it’s not. they didn’t @ you. you had no place to speak. now move.

      bigtheebigthee14 minutit tagasi
    • @bigthee Well, I was the one responding to them, so yes.

      Bennett! !Bennett! !39 minutit tagasi
    • @Bennett! ! is it yours?

      bigtheebigthee56 minutit tagasi
    • @bigthee Hm? No, that would be you, this is none of your business.

      Bennett! !Bennett! !Tund tagasi
    • @Bennett! ! is what you are

      bigtheebigtheeTund tagasi
  • Hahaha no

    Jose GuardadoJose Guardado2 tundi tagasi
  • Hi little boys

    Yoo ToobeYoo Toobe2 tundi tagasi
  • shut up.

    Your MomYour Mom2 tundi tagasi
  • Ur too big to eat

    Cotton CandyCotton Candy2 tundi tagasi
  • We need James a whole month It to to much

    heyitskbabyheyitskbaby2 tundi tagasi
    • “We” don’t need him. You do

      Yeet But yoteYeet But yote12 minutit tagasi
  • نننمنخنتنتهنتخختهععهتعع

    Jana eadilJana eadil2 tundi tagasi
  • Is that a wig?!?

    cassandra stinescassandra stines2 tundi tagasi
    • Olalalalal

      Y QY Q2 tundi tagasi
    • It is

      Y QY Q2 tundi tagasi
  • Y did he even make action even tho he have a boyfriend 😐😐

    Aadya LalAadya Lal2 tundi tagasi
  • More dislikes than likes 🤣

    Kamaria WilliamsKamaria Williams2 tundi tagasi
  • 🙄

    Matea BuconjićMatea Buconjić2 tundi tagasi
  • Why are you so quiet 😭

    NyagitoNyagito2 tundi tagasi
  • Nigga pulled a pyrocinical

    VolapykVolapyk2 tundi tagasi
  • what is his hair

    Shay BShay B2 tundi tagasi
  • I unsuscribed years ago because he is trash

    Shay BShay B2 tundi tagasi
  • hi sisters SAD

    Luis HernandezLuis Hernandez2 tundi tagasi
  • I’m sorry? 😂

    Cyn GCyn G2 tundi tagasi
  • he went from "james charles" to "hi im james charles with a mondo hairstyle... thats what they said."

    xoiuinxoiuin2 tundi tagasi

      kxrma x hopekxrma x hopeTund tagasi
  • I had to turn my volume up rather than down! 🤷

    Flora O'BrienFlora O'Brien2 tundi tagasi
  • Lol

    Crimson animationsCrimson animations2 tundi tagasi
  • Hey james just so you know I still love u and it's going to be OK yea so 🍾🍻🍻🍻🥂😉🤗.

    Victor MaxwellVictor Maxwell2 tundi tagasi
    • @Victor Maxwell ok? But this isn’t the first time. He knew what he was doing.

      Yeet But yoteYeet But yote11 minutit tagasi
    • OK so the reason why I still like him it's because I know how it feel for someone younger then you coming to your DMs to try and date you, you know😊

      Victor MaxwellVictor MaxwellTund tagasi
    • Wtf.

      darkravemaster16darkravemaster162 tundi tagasi
    • why would you still like him???

      Marley ElleMarley Elle2 tundi tagasi
  • Why does this man still have 25 million subscribers wtf

    Killerwhale099Killerwhale0992 tundi tagasi
  • Josuke hair.

    jean pierre polnareffjean pierre polnareff2 tundi tagasi
  • He's hiding yoo

    Justin Miguel PascualJustin Miguel Pascual2 tundi tagasi
  • Im confused sis whaaaat

    KateKate2 tundi tagasi
  • I purposely watched the end of the video first to make sure this wasn't an April fool's joke. XD

    Shehnaz KhanShehnaz Khan3 tundi tagasi
  • I can hardly hear him with my volume all the way up 😒

    Joris PopplinJoris Popplin3 tundi tagasi
  • If this was age-restricted there would be no likes.

    Tamir forlifeTamir forlife3 tundi tagasi
    • frr

      Marley ElleMarley Elle2 tundi tagasi
  • not twerking

    LittyLitty3 tundi tagasi

    안녕하세요어떻게 지내안녕하세요어떻게 지내3 tundi tagasi
  • Guy’s ...there’s 363k dislikes.. Keep em going😉

    r0tt3ning_gh0ulr0tt3ning_gh0ul3 tundi tagasi
  • I am just surprised that he hasn't lost as much subscribers as I thought he would have. Pretty dissapointed

    Aleeya WashburnAleeya Washburn3 tundi tagasi
  • Nice Pizza hair

    TeriyakiiTeriyakii3 tundi tagasi
  • I hate people who attack because a man is wearing makeup, wearing earrings, putting on lipstick and doing what women do the most. Sad :(

    Glorious GarchompGlorious Garchomp3 tundi tagasi
    • @overlord 8th dimension exactly ??😂😂😂

      bigtheebigthee14 minutit tagasi
    • Huh??? Do you even know what's going on?

      overlord 8th dimensionoverlord 8th dimension17 minutit tagasi
    • girl what ??

      bigtheebigtheeTund tagasi
  • * twerks outta concern *

    Ryleigh BennettRyleigh Bennett3 tundi tagasi
  • at first i was like ✨mmm james charles is never gonna come back✨ BUT BRO….I DONT THINK ITS A JOKE ANYMORE😳

    JadenxoJadenxo3 tundi tagasi
  • i cant hear you speak up!

    Rachel HallRachel Hall3 tundi tagasi
  • Nothing else has changed really... But.. It's the hand movements for me.

    hxneycomb_tahaniihxneycomb_tahanii3 tundi tagasi
    • please… you didn’t need all those.

      bigtheebigtheeTund tagasi
  • can he just come back already

    kyra maykyra may3 tundi tagasi
    • No

      Yeet But yoteYeet But yote10 minutit tagasi
    • We don't support predators on YT

      overlord 8th dimensionoverlord 8th dimension16 minutit tagasi
    • Most of us don't support criminals.

      This NitwitThis Nitwit2 tundi tagasi
    • no

      DuckDuck3 tundi tagasi
  • bro i can’t hear you speak up

    shyshy3 tundi tagasi
  • Why do people like this exist? Or get to this stage? I don't understand.

    kimoshwabykimoshwaby3 tundi tagasi
  • Am I the only one that checkes his yt profile to see if he done a new vid HE HASN'T UPLOADED IN A MONTHHHHH

    the power squadthe power squad3 tundi tagasi
    • Great

      Yeet But yoteYeet But yote10 minutit tagasi
    • As it should be. And better go to your parents and ask them why he didnt upload.

      darkravemaster16darkravemaster162 tundi tagasi
    • im glad

      Marley ElleMarley Elle2 tundi tagasi
    • good

      DuckDuck3 tundi tagasi
  • sister james- even though what you did was wrong, we all make mistakes. you are so strong and loved by millions. i just want to comment and let you know that it is okay to be sad and embarrassed. things will get better as time goes by, we love you james.

    sadie fsadie f3 tundi tagasi
  • It’s been a month Ms. Mama we miss you🥺

    Tati -.-Tati -.-3 tundi tagasi
    • “We” hate him. “Map” lovers miss him

      Yeet But yoteYeet But yote9 minutit tagasi
    • @This Nitwit 😑

      Tati -.-Tati -.-2 tundi tagasi
    • No we don't

      This NitwitThis Nitwit2 tundi tagasi
  • dayyyum 363K dislikes whoo hoo party is gettin exciting more and moreeee

    Ibuki MiodaIbuki Mioda3 tundi tagasi
  • Im actually surprised that he didn't cry

    Feelsbad LuluFeelsbad Lulu3 tundi tagasi
  • Ik this is off topic but... can you try and make a video of you know on the jayscoding channel???

    Adyson GonzalezAdyson Gonzalez3 tundi tagasi
  • Kirby finds your sin unforgivable.

    kirbykirby3 tundi tagasi
  • sorry im not gonna listen to someone with a bicycle seat on their head

    dcnannendcnannen3 tundi tagasi
  • guwno

    Aleksandra SzostakAleksandra Szostak3 tundi tagasi
  • Can you speak up?I can't hear you

    HeyHey3 tundi tagasi
  • ok but like why does his hair look like frickin mondo from danganronpa-

    Nithya RamananNithya Ramanan3 tundi tagasi
  • I listen to this and turn my volume fully to 100 cuz he whispering... *advert comes on* Me: deaf.

    Meri R?Meri R?3 tundi tagasi
  • I hate you so much

    Nasciella SevillaNasciella Sevilla4 tundi tagasi
  • *dunno what to say twerking*

    GabiGabi4 tundi tagasi
  • i lowkey miss the vids every week................and now fr no more???😔

    LesLes4 tundi tagasi
    • He isn’t going to upload anymore

      Yeet But yoteYeet But yote8 minutit tagasi
    • Ask your parents why he didnt upload.

      darkravemaster16darkravemaster162 tundi tagasi
    • good

      Marley ElleMarley Elle2 tundi tagasi
  • my respect for james 📉📉📉📉

    Brown BrownBrown Brown4 tundi tagasi
  • 💀why is this funny

    mInInG aWaYyYyYymInInG aWaYyYyYy4 tundi tagasi

    Bollywood Over HollywoodBollywood Over Hollywood4 tundi tagasi