Never take Tommy to a Lake...

I took TommyInnit to a lake, in real life. It was very awesome.
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Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is not even a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin or me and my good friends playing the NEW FUNNIEST MINECRAFT MOD EVER!!! POG CHAMP!!!

Today I took TommyInnit (creator of the Minecraft But and also You Laugh You Lose challenge) to a lake, in real life! It was so funny and we had lots of laughs and fun and pog. This is a vlog like other vloggers but I am the best vlogger. We had funny moments and even talked about the Dream SMP and our War VS Dream in Minecraft. It was so fun and Pog Champ

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  • POV: You're TommyInnit and you just discovered how fishing works. ❤️😂🎣

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    • @JackManifoldTV yes

      Craft BeeCraft Bee12 päeva tagasi
    • Oh god

      pig tailspig tails12 päeva tagasi
    • Yuh

      Roro ScriptRoro Script12 päeva tagasi
    • This really YT?

      I like CheeseI like Cheese12 päeva tagasi
    • What?

      Shreejit1 Dutt2Shreejit1 Dutt212 päeva tagasi

    vveapervveaper7 minutit tagasi
  • they literally dipped each others phones in the water 💀😂

    tired cactustired cactus29 minutit tagasi
  • yes! poor fish was about to drown

    CarrieCarrie34 minutit tagasi
  • fishboy

    ThePersonOrSomethingThePersonOrSomething47 minutit tagasi

    The Yoga Journey with KatThe Yoga Journey with Kat58 minutit tagasi
  • who are you?

    TechniqueTooTechniqueTooTund tagasi
  • I love how Tommy cares for the animals lmao . His face when he found out how to fish 💀💀

    r21ley50r21ley50Tund tagasi
  • You know its a good video when EEtvs themself commented

    Krille GamingKrille GamingTund tagasi
  • Tommy: LETS PUSH JACK IN DA WATER also Tommy: Don’t hurt the fish that HORRIBLE

    Amii MaudeAmii MaudeTund tagasi
  • 3:26 my dad bought maggots for fishing recently and that was my exact reaction✖️➖✖️

    Some._.RandomNoobSome._.RandomNoobTund tagasi
  • this just shows how British tommy actual is because only the proper brits will say sod off and shit along with twat and other tings

    Cherry BombCherry BombTund tagasi
  • I watch this video every night

    swaggy makaylaxoswaggy makaylaxo2 tundi tagasi
  • Jack and tommy or lttrly the opposite

    • 《Shadow Gacha 》 •• 《Shadow Gacha 》 •2 tundi tagasi
  • Tommy is a idiot especially with jack hes so like worried about animals like you wouldnt expect it from somebody like him

    • 《Shadow Gacha 》 •• 《Shadow Gacha 》 •2 tundi tagasi
  • Who else was scared of the thumbnail when they first saw it?

    Megan KlimowskiMegan Klimowski2 tundi tagasi
  • I love how Tommy just got on a train

    Blossom Blossom 2 tundi tagasi
  • Why did youtube comment on this video?

    Dip ShitDip Shit2 tundi tagasi
  • I can’t believe I’m 12 and I’m more of a man than Tommy is

    Sam 8553Sam 85532 tundi tagasi
  • Tommy said the fish is gonna drown 😭✋

    iiSxmply_ CloudyiiSxmply_ Cloudy3 tundi tagasi
  • Not Tommy saying the fish is gonna drown 😭

    IinaIina3 tundi tagasi
  • Lmao

    Juicy _ croissantJuicy _ croissant3 tundi tagasi
  • Did I just hear that right? Did Tommy just say the fish was going to drown?!

    Niamh KeoughNiamh Keough3 tundi tagasi
  • Tommy ate jack's wrap

    Ava DunnAva Dunn4 tundi tagasi
  • 5:00 im tryin to eat my fucking chicken noodle soup and now all i can think about is my noodles as the worms and now i dont wanna eat it]

    tobytheturtletobytheturtle4 tundi tagasi
  • R.I.P Jack's phone.

    Karen ParasramKaren Parasram4 tundi tagasi
  • When TommyInnit said the fish will drown got me dead 😂 9:06

    xetuxetu4 tundi tagasi
  • As a train enthusiast Tommy on a train makes geek out for some reason

    Julio // Juleco2007Julio // Juleco20075 tundi tagasi
  • 7:16 i'm crying

    asiulaasiula5 tundi tagasi
  • R.I.P jack's phone💀

    Reynes StephannieReynes Stephannie6 tundi tagasi
  • Jack Manifold: He insists on me filming these parts and I don't know why. Every other EEtvsr: *CONTENT*

    Ava BowlesAva Bowles7 tundi tagasi
  • The duck just vibin and listening to them talk

    Dio KamadoDio Kamado7 tundi tagasi
  • Just realised jack looks like the scout from tf2

    James ProctorJames Proctor7 tundi tagasi
  • 4:19 that duck do be vibing

    Rad BadRad Bad7 tundi tagasi
  • the way jack can just give tommy a face and he'll do as he's told is amazing

    ꧁Gacha-Minecraft꧂꧁Gacha-Minecraft꧂7 tundi tagasi
  • My grandpa speeds up to hit pheasants too lmao, I thought it was only him 😂

    {Raspb3rry S1mp}{Raspb3rry S1mp}8 tundi tagasi
  • 11:55 Press F in the chat

    swiftplaysswiftplays8 tundi tagasi
  • Tommy: "His sad his gonna drown"

    TheDoritoGamingTheDoritoGaming8 tundi tagasi
  • Jack: Fishing :) Tommy: leTs GeT oN tHe TrAiN BoYs

    Lasagna 36Lasagna 368 tundi tagasi
  • I want more jack manifold and tommy vlogs its like a brother and younger brother bond

    VincentVincent8 tundi tagasi
  • most of the video: veganinit and eating masculine jacks probably not vegan food (and annoying him)

    Helen PHelen P9 tundi tagasi
  • We need more NETCAM moments

    Liza FilmakLiza Filmak9 tundi tagasi
  • Traininnit

    x X c o o k i e X xx X c o o k i e X x9 tundi tagasi
  • Tommyinnit: The sod will drown :((

    JeeppersJeeppers10 tundi tagasi
  • “We should steal somthing” “NoO?”

    MalloryYTMalloryYT10 tundi tagasi
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    Annette BarnesAnnette Barnes10 tundi tagasi
  • “Pick it up” Tommy: okay...

    StichBreadStichBread10 tundi tagasi
  • Fun fact: fish don't feel pain I think

    H E L P L E S S LolH E L P L E S S Lol11 tundi tagasi
  • Bad boy tommy

    Enjoy BoyreeeEnjoy Boyreee11 tundi tagasi
  • We Just Found Tommy's Greatest Fear MAGGOT'S!!!!!!!!

    ITZGAMER JVITZGAMER JV11 tundi tagasi
  • Tommy : how is he breathing? Jack : He isint right now :}

    [ miejsce na nazwę ][ miejsce na nazwę ]11 tundi tagasi
  • *Just tommy being a animal activist for five minutes, before throwing doctor pepper at the nearby ducks*

    Mo _Mo _11 tundi tagasi
  • bro rip jacks phone-

    Issy HarrisIssy Harris12 tundi tagasi
  • The net is waterproof lol

    sunnysunny12 tundi tagasi
  • Dr Pepper from my experience tastes like carbonated cough medicine

    Nedstar12456 YouTubeNedstar12456 YouTube13 tundi tagasi
  • 6:58 that oh :(

    Galaxy DragonGalaxy Dragon13 tundi tagasi
  • It makes me happy that Tommy is a fellow animal lover. :0

    Alleigh BalAlleigh Bal14 tundi tagasi
  • Tommyinnit dying at 10:57 the ducks at the back:

    Sarah KhanSarah Khan14 tundi tagasi
  • Maybe jack would wear a wig

    KazuyaシKazuyaシ14 tundi tagasi
  • Jack nearly getting 1m sub

    KazuyaシKazuyaシ14 tundi tagasi
  • jackmanifoldtv gets bullied by tomminnit for 12min and 3 sec

    ketsuryuganketsuryugan15 tundi tagasi
  • connotical childinnit

    Frizy LemmoeyFrizy Lemmoey16 tundi tagasi
  • i love how much tommy cares about the animals

    miss ratmiss rat17 tundi tagasi
  • tommy becomes a fish rights activist after this video it's canon now

    FOREVER8DFOREVER8D17 tundi tagasi
  • jack just casually fishing and vibing: tommy literally going on a fucking train:

    teaghan4bteaghan4b17 tundi tagasi
  • The phone is water proof *submerges phone in water way more than once*

    Abstract MindedAbstract Minded19 tundi tagasi
  • tommy: cares abt animals jack: cares abt the environment chaotic duo 🤝🤝

    Sammatha MadridSammatha Madrid19 tundi tagasi
  • Tommy's chin looks like a butt

    Michael PascalMichael Pascal20 tundi tagasi
  • WOW tommy cares way to much about animals but thank goodness he isnt vegan

    Death BuggieDeath Buggie21 tund tagasi
  • Jack:pick it up Tommy:ok...

  • 5:50 why did it sound so satisfying

    Tea BiscuitTea Biscuit21 tund tagasi
  • Tommy: they say littering is bad for the environment I dont even care 😎 *throws can* Jack: *blinks* pick it up 😀

    Mikuz LeekzMikuz Leekz21 tund tagasi
  • "Net Cam"

    MentocylexMentocylex21 tund tagasi
  • i subcribe

    ProjectiVexProjectiVex21 tund tagasi
  • 3:17

    Watermelon JuiceWatermelon Juice21 tund tagasi
  • 4:48 had me dying

    Phoenixcat220Phoenixcat22021 tund tagasi
  • 5:22 POV you’re getting waterboarded by tommyinnit

    Alien HumanologistAlien Humanologist21 tund tagasi
  • I was waiting for tommy to miss the net and the phone just go down the lake💀💀

    Aubrey AdameAubrey Adame21 tund tagasi
  • Imagine, Tommy Just Dropping Jack's Phone In The Water! (YOU MESSED UP)

    Emily SEmily S22 tundi tagasi
  • I went blind from this video

    RK Knight 456RK Knight 45622 tundi tagasi
  • Alternate title: jack being Tommy’s dad for 12 minutes

    Cheater SketchCheater Sketch22 tundi tagasi
  • Amazing

    onekingdom1onekingdom122 tundi tagasi
  • my guy

    John MorrisonJohn Morrison22 tundi tagasi

    EnderHogZillaEnderHogZilla23 tundi tagasi
  • You fwucin twa t I died

    Endro AceEndro Ace23 tundi tagasi
  • 'The fish is drowning jack.' -Tommyinnit 2021

    ArchivalMaple 93ArchivalMaple 9323 tundi tagasi
  • alt tittle: bald boy show a child fishing

    - Liz -- Liz -23 tundi tagasi
  • at this point jack manifold is litterally using tommy for views and likes...

    AnnicAnnic23 tundi tagasi
  • Jack doesn't care about killing animals but care about the trash on the ground.

    jinxjinxPäev tagasi
  • K I support :)

    Your natural MortalYour natural MortalPäev tagasi
  • "He's gonna drown!!"

    Evan KielholzEvan KielholzPäev tagasi
  • Tommy having no idea what fishing is is so funny

    PessimisticfishPessimisticfishPäev tagasi
  • wen he founds somting he gous ahhhhhhhh....):

    Emina MaticEmina MaticPäev tagasi
  • I was fishing once and this stupid fish ate the hook like the sharp bit hat to pull the hook out its throat 😩

    Miah BurnsMiah BurnsPäev tagasi
  • 9:02 tommy the fish is going to drown

    v1nxv1nxPäev tagasi
  • I took a poo in thw woods. I as a trans demiboy am more masculine than tomminit. HA.

    grimmTerminologygrimmTerminologyPäev tagasi
    • Hello Fellow LGBTQ+ peorson

      puppy pawapuppy pawaPäev tagasi
    • Haha

      puppy pawapuppy pawaPäev tagasi
  • 6:12 Tommy's gown up voice

    penguinpenguinPäev tagasi
  • Can you make a proper fishing video hahah

    Mika TolkMika TolkPäev tagasi
  • These videos are genuinely so fricking funny!

    Cgaming365Cgaming365Päev tagasi
  • tommy can make anything sound like a specific science that you must master to a precise degree

    MakatzaaaMakatzaaaPäev tagasi