YOU join us as a crewmate and decide who to vote off! Can you find the impostor? 😱 This part of our If Everything Was Like Among Us videos! Come back to this video to play multiple times and find the 6 possible endings! We were inspired by Markiplier's Choose Your Own Adventure.
Thank you to the Portland Spirit for letting us film on their boat!
If you like The Norris Nuts, Dixie D'Amelio, or the Txunamy, you'll love our channel. We do funny pranks, challenges, and skits!
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  • You join us this time!!! You vote people off and decide who is sus. Click on one of the options at the end to continue the video! Then let us know what ending you got and who you voted as the impostor!!! 😁😁😁

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    • Can we have a voice line

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    • Pleas part 222222222

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    • @Naruto Uzumaki no u

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    • So cooooool!!!

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  • wow I won the first try i love shiloh and bros

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  • Idea for Among Us 9 Map: Airship Impostors: Judah,Brittany, Elijah Judah doesn’t vote Brittany

    Alan TejedaAlan Tejeda11 minutit tagasi
  • Red sus voting red

    Sowmya ChandramohanSowmya Chandramohan14 minutit tagasi
  • This was Sooooooooooo Much Fun The Best Videos Of The Year... Also Make A Part Two Even Though It Took A While. The Video Was Worth The 50 Minutes. I Love This.

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  • This game is like among us and it is to easy

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  • ThankYou so much for replying you made my day

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  • what should you do New crew mates and four imposters or more

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  • with

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  • Me more than a week later: ummmmmmm guys? Are you going to post a video? Also me: WAIT!!!! Last time they did not post was when....... MIKA BROKE HIS LEG!!!!! Uhhhoooo

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  • Best vid ever

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  • this is awesomeeee!

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  • Shiloh is so nice and loyal I want her to be my ✨✨b e s t i e✨✨🌝

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  • Woah Guys what an imagination it would have been very tough to think, Plus I watched all the parts woo hoo Love From India 💝💝💝

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  • Orange

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  • Shiloh and Elijah you guys didn't made an new video for an week

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  • Reds sus every time

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  • Replie me Shiloh and bros

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  • Red

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  • Hey guys I was thinking of doing a pod cast video on the weekend would u like to join if u do just follow me on tick tock then I’ll send the code to u for zoom oh and I’m doing this pod cast thing once a month with different EEtvsrs and it would be great if u could join as well but it’s up to u thx guys no pressure 😊

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  • How Brittany get her revenge: ORANGE SUS

    Puppet pumpPuppet pump3 tundi tagasi

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  • can you make a song call hats or inpost

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  • Suggestion: You guys should make an Among Us video where there is a hacker, that would be a great idea! Your choice though. 😉

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  • Can you do us being imposter

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  • Pls impostor

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  • Make a new vid pls!

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  • Red Cause red is the the most sus among us character vote red

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  • Agree with me if u think they should do a song name the sus crew or Mika in that cute baby a song

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  • It's Ruby from Feel the beat!

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  • No new vid this friday

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  • Do a crewmate song next

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  • You should do this but WERE THE IMPOSTER!

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  • Hello my name is Christina and I am your biggest fan😸😸😸😸😺😺😺

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  • I vote skip

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  • Amazing I like your idea so much it’s it’s so fun

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  • I love you all because i enjoyed and won on first try

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  • Original

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  • Shiloh and Elijah (soz if i spelt ur name wrong Elijah) maby we should be the ones who are the imposters it would be fun not saying this one is boring it was fun!

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  • This one is my favorite one.

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  • Best video

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  • ? The new player is Cyan O

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  • I love your videos😍😍😍😍

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  • in the end i voted daniel bc elijah mostly gets crewmate so yea

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  • I love it this is soooo cool!

    Emily GalEmily Gal7 tundi tagasi
    • @Shiloh & Bros ok thanks!

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    • Play Again 😀

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    • But I am lose 😔😔😞😞

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    • Glad you like them! 😀

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    • Happy you enjoy them 😀

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  • It’s juhhhddddaaaa I saw he went in the vent I paused it

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  • I don't play among us anymore :') but yay thanks :) you made me happy because you always do that no matter what! but why does Judah think red is sus? we shall make a music video called "I trust all of them"

    ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ Båddįę Gįrl Lįñã ʕ·ᴥ·ʔʕ·ᴥ·ʔ Båddįę Gįrl Lįñã ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ8 tundi tagasi
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    • Hi Anir 😀

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  • Pls make a video on new map of among us ...

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  • Omg I dont know that they are so kind .....

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  • yay I won I love this you should make part 2 :)

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  • The impostor was Daniel

    Amy EmersonAmy Emerson9 tundi tagasi
  • Red

    Георги ВельовГеорги Вельов9 tundi tagasi
  • I hate broccoli it’s disgusting do you agree

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  • Unfortunately i couldn’t choose. I didn’t work😭 But the idea is great

    E. K.E. K.9 tundi tagasi
    • I tried it on the ipad, now it worked! Thx ❤️ u guys

      E. K.E. K.5 tundi tagasi
    • the choices time out, move the time line dot back a little and they work, or play again an make choice sooner

      Shiloh & BrosShiloh & Bros6 tundi tagasi
  • Nice

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    • Thanks

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  • Please make us as cyan again and play as imposter

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    • Happy Birthday Jailyne 😀🎈🎁🍰

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  • Did Elijah say at the beginning you choose right after he says k

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  • red is sus red is sus of imposter in couler red.

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  • DAMN dude, I speechless about ur acting in here and in feel the beat! The part when u were in the toilet crying that was really funnyy😂

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  • OMG i just found outtt im the same age as shiloh but she older by afew months

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  • I tried all the endings

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  • I found all 6 endings WARNING *Spoiler* 1st ending: click skip and then go by yourself. 2nd ending: vote red, go with orange and then follow Jessica. 3rd ending: click anything from first choices, do tasks with Shiloh, click cams and don't fix the sabotage. 4th ending: vote skip, go do task, go to anywhere (cams is acceptable if you fix the sabotage), select anyone for questions (doesn't matter who), ask them the question (doesn't matter again), vote anyone you want and then you don't report the crime. 5th ending: vote skip, go do task, go to anywhere (cams is acceptable if you fix the sabotage), select anyone for questions (doesn't matter who), ask them the question (doesn't matter again), vote anyone you want, report the crime and vote out Elijah (Daniel is the Impostor. If you vote Daniel out, you win.). 6th ending:vote skip, go do task, go to anywhere (cams is acceptable if you fix the sabotage), select anyone for questions (doesn't matter who), ask them the question (doesn't matter again), vote anyone you want, report the crime and vote out Daniel (Daniel is the impostor.).

    DragonJDragonJ11 tundi tagasi
  • When is among us part 9

    Monica AroraMonica Arora11 tundi tagasi
    • Friday Morning 😀

      Shiloh & BrosShiloh & Bros6 tundi tagasi
  • Shiloh should make a song. Called The Smartest Crewmate\Imposter

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  • In next video we are the imposter in 2 pleases I subscribe your channel

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