The Tragic Story of Rally's Most Fearless Driver

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Colin McRae was a driver that was wired to compete at eleven tenths, willing to take risks that others weren't, always getting the most out of every car he drove.

But what made him a legend - wasn't what he did, it was how he did it. Driving *every* stage with the iconic motto - 'If in doubt, flat out'.

However, these risks often landed him in trouble - gaining a reputation for crashing a lot, costing him two World Rally Championships and ultimately playing a part in his tragic death.

This is the story of why Colin McRae was one of the world's fastest drivers, but ultimately never fulfilled his ultimate potential.

Colin first showed off his flamboyant driving style in 1991, he'd just won the Scottish Rally Championship and made his debut in a Vauxhall Nova.

It was an extremely underpowered car, that he thoroughly out-performed, earning him results that the car really didn't deserve. *Seriously*, he was beating Sierra Cosworths and Peugeot 205s, which were the cars to be in at the time.

His pace got him noticed, and in 1991 Prodrive signed him to their eventually iconic Subaru programme. Where he won the British Rally Championship two years in a row in their Group A Legacy.

This success lead Subaru to enter the World Rally Championship in the following year, with Colin as their star driver. This was the first time Colin's innate *need* to be flat-out, was shown to the world - where in the Lombard rally, only 25 seconds into the run - he put the Subaru into a ditch.

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    Driver61Driver612 місяці tagasi
    • If in doubt flat out......rally drivers are the real drivers......miss u Colin

      Adil ChaudhryAdil Chaudhry2 päeva tagasi
    • its Almost as insane as his brother alistair !

      No3dNo3d3 päeva tagasi
    • My childhood hero gives me goosebumps watching him drive legend 👍

      Derry JonesDerry Jones4 päeva tagasi
    • You just made a video on his style, he will be remembered long after most of us are long forgotten and as such is close to immortal.

      GonzoGonzo20 päeva tagasi
    • Seems to be heads or tails. Heads he wins or tails he crashes.

      Christopher CrippsChristopher Cripps25 päeva tagasi
  • if you're not first you're last

    Chris DrewChris Drew2 tundi tagasi
  • screw helicopters, they kill legends

    Luis LoraLuis Lora8 tundi tagasi
  • You know you have an impact when you never win but the most important rally videogame has your name and it keeps it for 20+ years.

    Simone AdamiSimone Adami16 tundi tagasi
  • Can you imaging crashing, and STILL coming in 2nd place?!?!?!?

    Niko ConteNiko ContePäev tagasi
  • So hes just my Dirt rally character, cool.

    K9 ManK9 ManPäev tagasi
  • sorry to maybe misunderstand something, but what has a helicopter crash have to do something with his career? like, what part of his crazy driving played a part in a helicopter crash, i dont get it

    Little RaptorLittle RaptorPäev tagasi
  • Don't Cut

    Generic GuyGeneric Guy2 päeva tagasi
  • If anyone tells you motorsport is boring, show them a few clips of Colin driving like his hair is on fire and water is just round the next bend....

    ExSapper MadmanExSapper Madman2 päeva tagasi
  • This is the most inaccurate piece of crap video segment of Colin McRae. This guy has no clue and pretty much just bad mouths Colin from start to finish.

    White Wade WilsonWhite Wade Wilson2 päeva tagasi
  • Loved him.. He either won, or crashed.. Always all out! Oh and Scott.. Could you make a video about Tom Kristensen? :) As a Dane I have to hype our driving hero ;)

    Malte ChrMalte Chr2 päeva tagasi

    Rusty ShacklefordRusty Shackleford2 päeva tagasi
  • They released the crash report a while back, he basically killed his son his sons friend and his sons friends father with his arrogance, I didn’t mention killing himself because he doesn’t deserve any respect in my eyes

    Cat Likepizza GamingCat Likepizza Gaming3 päeva tagasi
  • It was September 15th 2007, not 2006 I was on holiday in Scotland at the time, and my wife was pregnant with my youngest son, who was born in 2008

    Rob ColliverRob Colliver3 päeva tagasi
  • Personally, I think it's a shame that he died in the Heli rather than a rally car.

    Grim GrimxvGrim Grimxv3 päeva tagasi
  • This man's story is how I play racing video games God damn.

    mack gmack g3 päeva tagasi
  • Colin Mcrae and Possum Bourne are some of the best to have ever done it and have the saddest of stories

    Captain BeanoCaptain Beano3 päeva tagasi
  • Wasn't it September 15 2007?

    jonaroonijonarooni3 päeva tagasi
  • Sounds like he was an absolute nob. He was careless, couldn't finish races, and killed his own son and his son's friend by flying dangerously in a helicopter. He didn't even have a license. I don't understand how I am supposed to have respect for this guy?

    Perry BanksPerry Banks4 päeva tagasi
  • He was an idiot. The unsafe and unnecessary dangerous flying killed his son and his sons friend. That’s sad.

    MD Peel PeelMD Peel Peel4 päeva tagasi
  • My 2 favorites all time, mcrae and henri toivonen

    ShadyShady4 päeva tagasi
  • the phrase "Go big or go home" next to it " Collin McRae "

    haris Abdharis Abd4 päeva tagasi
  • Colin was my idol growing up he was my hero and still is he had brass balls he could make a car sing👍👍

    Derry JonesDerry Jones4 päeva tagasi
  • So basically he drove like he was in a video game.

    Rathori KhassRathori Khass4 päeva tagasi
  • why is this useless lad so iconic then? hes shit

    Hobo GreenHobo Green5 päeva tagasi
  • I refuse to ride in a helicopter. Too many people have died in them!

    Matthew DaubMatthew Daub5 päeva tagasi
  • ps1 game........ i fell in love with his driving after

    bill hotbill hot5 päeva tagasi
  • Colin had real balls🤘

    Aadil JonesAadil Jones5 päeva tagasi
  • slam the throttle until the car doesn't work

    sebas tiansebas tian5 päeva tagasi
  • Think you need to do more research, he died in 2007, and he also drove for citroen and Skoda.

    Dave Van Wilde RodeDave Van Wilde Rode5 päeva tagasi
  • He will always be a driver and his son is learning with the best team Heavens got. 💙

    Proximity01Proximity016 päeva tagasi
  • Colin McRae is like a newbie rally sim racing who never give up

    ga thelga thel6 päeva tagasi
  • who said having a heavy foot was bad

    Sp WarriorSp Warrior6 päeva tagasi
  • The real ghost rider

    Bojanglz BasicBojanglz Basic7 päeva tagasi
  • Why is it that if any Scott is succesful he becomes a Britt

    Aditya Vikram GuptaAditya Vikram Gupta7 päeva tagasi
  • 6:20 its not thomi mckinen ffs

    Von SergeiVon Sergei7 päeva tagasi
  • Colin McRae Rally | 2.0 Great videogame 👍

    JaytecxJaytecx7 päeva tagasi
  • man...fuck helicopters

    Shuriken250Shuriken2508 päeva tagasi
  • Possum Bourne is all I have to say..

    ClitheroClithero8 päeva tagasi
  • The best way I heard Colin described was something like Guy one: You have to admit he was committed Guy two: Yeah committed to an asylum

    SH4D0WSH4D0W10 päeva tagasi
  • I'm sure everyone had a moment, when you go beyond your limits out of curiosity for a few seconds just to see how reckless you have to go to feel uncomfortable - to check your bottom and challenge your reflexes. Regardless of the activity. But you always stop, because it's dangerous. Both Colin and Ayrton Senna always drove like that.

    Ivan SidorovIvan Sidorov11 päeva tagasi
  • Killed two small children.Less of a hero,more of a reckless idiot.

    Mark WilliamsMark Williams11 päeva tagasi
  • Sounds like Ricky Bobby, “he either wins or crashes the car trying to win!” Lol!

    Orange CrushOrange Crush11 päeva tagasi
  • He died in *2007*

    CJCJ11 päeva tagasi
  • When I was in my 20's driving my beat up old car, I was watching too many rally races with Colin in them- I loved to go around on snowy back roads near town and just let it rip with my little Ford Aspire. I had snow tires on the car, and there were a couple times I was seriously scared because I nearly rolled the car into the ditch, haha.

    StormLaker1975StormLaker197512 päeva tagasi
  • May I offer correction: Colin debuted as a teenager in the Nova, but won Scottish rally championship in his father's (Jimmy McRae) Sierra Cosworth. And also Tommi Makinen won all his 4 titles for Mitsubishi not Toyota starting with Mitsubishi Lancer Evo III in 1995 and he actually never drove a Toyota. Check the Racing Legends (BBC) episode about Colin. Please get your facts straight.

    Davorin JurišićDavorin Jurišić12 päeva tagasi
    • here's the link. and that sierra was driven by all three McRaes - Jimmy, Colin and Alistair

      Davorin JurišićDavorin Jurišić12 päeva tagasi
  • That dude drives like I do in racing games, fuuuuck brakes the bushes and trees will slow ya down. The true embodiment of "if ya ain't first, ya last"

    Ian HaleIan Hale12 päeva tagasi
  • I got my name from him and my name is collin

    gamerpro11gamerpro1113 päeva tagasi
  • Question - at the start, you say Colins motto of “if in doubt, flat out” played a part in his death but then do not present evidence later to justify this. As he died in a helicopter crash are you suggesting Colin also controlled the helicopter at 110% like he did rally cars?

    SamYooLSamYooL13 päeva tagasi
  • This dude never took his lead balls off the gas pedal and yet he didn't even die behind the wheel but rather doing something completely unrelated? This says something about the value and safety of roll cages, bucket seats, and five-point harnesses. Edit: Wear your seatbelt kids

    Chris JohnsonChris Johnson13 päeva tagasi
  • Personally speaking, when you have a co-driver, you are responsible for their health and safety. Speed has nothing to do with professionalism. Remember the movie Signs? Super Uncle who broke the record for farthest home run? Yeah he struck out hundreds of times before that. LAME

    UVUV13 päeva tagasi
  • Who's this video aimed at ?

    Robert LundRobert Lund13 päeva tagasi
  • You need to make more videos on rally stuff

  • subAru su bAA ru subru?

    Ibrahim DenizIbrahim Deniz14 päeva tagasi
  • He was the Villeneuve of rallies

    walter villawalter villa14 päeva tagasi
  • 6:20 It was actually Tommi Making in a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. Get ur facts correct mate 👍

  • I actually remember hearing about the crash on the news as a kid, truly tragic. He will forever be the rally king.

    Paige LooneyPaige Looney15 päeva tagasi
  • May he rest in peace McRae.

    Jacob RichardsonJacob Richardson15 päeva tagasi
  • All those car crashes and he dies in a helicopter. I didn't realise he was gone for ten years. I wondered why there was no news of him.

    Vance McCarthyVance McCarthy15 päeva tagasi
  • Better start buying those Supra Tommi Makinen editions

    90s Hero90s Hero16 päeva tagasi
  • Had the helicopter not got him something else with an internal combustion engine would’ve. Sooner or later taking risks others refuse to catches up with you.

    Wayne SwicegoodWayne Swicegood16 päeva tagasi
  • The tragic story of Rally's most idiot* driver

    RodrigoRodrigo16 päeva tagasi
  • So basically, McRea drove rally cars in real life like most rally gamers do on the computer? XD

    TattorackTattorack16 päeva tagasi
  • makes me wanna buy a subby

    Alex GAlex G17 päeva tagasi
  • He sounds like a bit of a prick, to be honest. An unreliable showboater.

    Brewza BrewerBrewza Brewer18 päeva tagasi
  • "Finish first or not finish at all."

    james caleyjames caley18 päeva tagasi
  • i passed a Subaru Legacy this week on the road.... and thinking how Colin lost his front wheels every 2nd rally he drove.... and i am German!

    Arl TratloArl Tratlo19 päeva tagasi
  • the driver with the heaviest right foot and largest pants to accommodate those massive balls.

    anxiousdoganxiousdog19 päeva tagasi
  • It looks like he drove like I play racing games.

    Kai LaineKai Laine19 päeva tagasi
  • Hes a legend bit to die like that with no pilot licence allegedly

    matt knoxmatt knox19 päeva tagasi
  • If you're the best in your profession never get in a helicopter, Colin, Kobe, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and plenty of others.

    LimeLime19 päeva tagasi
  • Too bad he was a fearless pilot too. RIP

    DrGreenthumbPhdDrGreenthumbPhd19 päeva tagasi
  • The torpid condition minimally rub because riddle biochemically rule circa a elite stock. rapid, nostalgic stopwatch

    Ker LozKer Loz19 päeva tagasi
  • If in doubt go flat out , the risks of being the best "never fulfilled his potential" buddy you really dont know what you are talking about He didnt just did that he pushed the limits for the next gen drivers championships dont mean a thing , drivers do

    wakesakewakesake19 päeva tagasi
  • 5:20 Colin is the type of guy that the crew makes the car slower instead of telling him to slow down. Lol he was the man

    Chris HartleyChris Hartley20 päeva tagasi
  • Why cant you get the information right most of what you said is lies and crap the man was great but atleast get his story right

    frank townsend-oldfieldfrank townsend-oldfield20 päeva tagasi
  • This makes me wanna play Dirt 2.

    Luis Lebrón AponteLuis Lebrón Aponte20 päeva tagasi
  • 6:35 repeat as needed

    TeKritTeKrit20 päeva tagasi
  • Colin will always be my favourite rally driver. So iconic!!! He was the guy who got me excited about the sport so he def has a special place in my heart!!! Too young but won't ever forget that animal behind the wheel!!! 🌟🌟🌟

    Tom TomTom Tom20 päeva tagasi
  • For me, Colin looks similar to Elon Musk.

    jakubtuszynski93jakubtuszynski9320 päeva tagasi
  • Madlad

    ondrej kosikondrej kosik20 päeva tagasi
  • "If in doubt, flat out." I live by those five words, comma and period

    Mazda Demio XD Touring '15Mazda Demio XD Touring '1520 päeva tagasi
  • the best games i have played are rally games

    Jenny MinaJenny Mina20 päeva tagasi
  • Why does your voice sound croaky mate?

    budak gemukbudak gemuk21 päev tagasi
  • The arton sienna of rally

    Leon SwartLeon Swart21 päev tagasi
  • i got to meet colin the legend at sweet lamb wrc north wales rally event i got to sit in the 555 scooby

    gavin rhodesgavin rhodes21 päev tagasi
  • Gilles and Colin, two of the best. Both tragically pushed too hard. Also what is it with Helicopters and killing sports athletes, it's happened 4 times I know of so far, jeez.

    Auto Racing PlaylistsAuto Racing Playlists21 päev tagasi
  • Kind of tragic. Flew his race cars off the track, but drove his helicopter into the ground. In the end he recklessly murdered his own 5 year old son, murdered a 6 year old boy, and murdered a 37 year old friend, while killing himself at the age of 39 in the act. Legend or murderer, either way, one thing is for certain: There's just no way how you can end up winning, when you keep playing Russian Roulette over and over and over again and again and again...

    Tom WoggleTom Woggle21 päev tagasi
  • bloody helicopters

    astan fartinastan fartin21 päev tagasi
  • Tragic death x retirement✓

    Ruben Itty SabuRuben Itty Sabu21 päev tagasi
  • i hadn't heard of this till now.

    astan fartinastan fartin21 päev tagasi
  • "The doctors gave me pills to slow me down... It didnt work"

    Abec777 HondatechAbec777 Hondatech22 päeva tagasi
  • I wouldn’t say that he didn’t “live up to his full potential” or whatever, because even if he didn’t win all the titles he could have, he only got the chance to compete in them because he drove the way he wanted to

    Imagine WagonsImagine Wagons22 päeva tagasi
  • Culloden calm down

    B N GruppeB N Gruppe22 päeva tagasi
  • Concussion protocol not in play .rattle and finland

    B N GruppeB N Gruppe22 päeva tagasi
  • This guy's life needs to be a movie.

    ComputernautComputernaut22 päeva tagasi
  • my first ever ps2 game as a child was Colin McRae 2005 ... and you bet that's where my blue Subaru love started

    SDRIFTER AbdlmounaimSDRIFTER Abdlmounaim22 päeva tagasi
  • Not sure why Sainz got the nod for team orders given Subaru would have sold more cars off the back of McRae anyway and Spain wouldn't have been a large buyer of cars given they weren't anywhere near as rich as the UK. Even now when you go to Spain it's a generation behind the UK in terms of bulk of cars on the road.

    1000sofusernames1000sofusernames22 päeva tagasi
  • I tried 'if in doubt - flat out' and ended up at the magistrates court.

    1000sofusernames1000sofusernames23 päeva tagasi
    • Sure you weren’t doing when in doubt whip it out?

      Tyler PottsTyler Potts20 päeva tagasi
  • Absulute legend.

    Mirza BahticMirza Bahtic23 päeva tagasi