Elon Musk Talks About Colonizing the Galaxy

This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1609 with Elon Musk. open.spotify.com/episode/2aB2swgyXqbFA06AxPlFmr?si=_8doDtUvSn-kkUNFE9Kp7w

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  • Yeh we need to colonize the galaxy

    Baby BeyBaby Bey52 minutit tagasi
  • That Marijuana is still working on Elon Musk...

    Vucko XVucko XTund tagasi
  • The silly male ego of the Earthlings. They truly believe they are the end all be all on the universe.

    Patrick AhausPatrick AhausTund tagasi
  • Elon Musk must be the most bland, boring person on this planet to listen to speak. He is the only man alive that could make space travel sound tedious.

    Cough It UpCough It UpTund tagasi
  • I love elon musk but I'm not willing to get the fucking Spotify app so I can listen to this

    eric keric kTund tagasi
  • Nice, Lex Fridman shoutout.

    willnzsurfwillnzsurf2 tundi tagasi
  • Elon is a fucking alien! All he does is deny and try to put us off! LOL! 👽

    Nathan ChambersNathan Chambers2 tundi tagasi
  • Elon alien confirmed?

    JacobJacob2 tundi tagasi
  • Ain't gonna happen lol

    Reno RegiReno Regi4 tundi tagasi
  • I saw a flying vibrator and colonizing the universe. *CLICK*

    Dylan PikeDylan Pike4 tundi tagasi
  • so we need to get all the shit that we have on earth to mars in order to survive. leave the scum politicians behind, please.

    fernando sanchezfernando sanchez5 tundi tagasi
  • Uhhh why doesn't he talk more about Thorium?

    Captivus13Captivus136 tundi tagasi
  • Whole bunch of things happening in a row..

    Nick WilkenNick Wilken8 tundi tagasi
  • 1:50 'Why did he steer a mars conversation into crocodiles wtf man?'

    Scrotie McBoogerballsScrotie McBoogerballs8 tundi tagasi
  • His eyes going back n fourth scared me

    FullyHektikFullyHektik10 tundi tagasi
  • wtf is this cutted parts, where are full episodes ?

    RafeRafe10 tundi tagasi
  • Thought it was a dildo for .4 seconds

    Mo BrownMo Brown10 tundi tagasi
  • Where is the entire podcast?

    bryan bgsbryan bgs11 tundi tagasi
  • This is really stupid as the Van halen -or whatever it's called is melting ANYTHING! The flat EARthers are coming closer. Mahalo plenty Joe for being here to share!

    S. L. WhitehorseS. L. Whitehorse12 tundi tagasi
  • The thumbnail is where Joe finally realises Musk is completely removed from reality. We've still not eradicated starvation, dehydration, massive death tolls from disease, homelessness, but let's fuck about in space at a huge cost anyway.

    Metal DinosaurMetal Dinosaur12 tundi tagasi
  • Oh he’s definitely an alien and watch I’ll disappear from earths history. I know too much

    SaltLifeSaltLife12 tundi tagasi
  • Holy shit watching this on LSD is wild

    SaltLifeSaltLife12 tundi tagasi
    • So many more hidden meanings the average disconnected person may not realize. They’re talking about crocodiles one minute and Elon is basically like “oh you wanna talk about crocs? Here’s a bunch of facts about them.” I mean the man is a walking encyclopedia. He adapts to no matter what joe asks silly or serious and applies it to his every day life too

      SaltLifeSaltLife12 tundi tagasi
  • 😂🤣🤝🙋🏼‍♂️

    Gods Honest TrutherGods Honest Truther13 tundi tagasi
  • I'm not an alien, but my Spidey senses and BS meter went haywire when Elon said there is no evidence of ET life. I guess consistency while speaking to the public is the NEW goal?? "C'mon man!"

    Sam HinesSam Hines14 tundi tagasi
  • dinasours are for kids - eddie bravo

    Zelda ZonkZelda Zonk15 tundi tagasi
  • Here comes Dahmer and his "brain chip" he couldn't make a brain cell in a poop. Really bad social media marketer hahaha 😆.inflencers are all the same. D'amelio invented the eagle hairstyle 👌.... its all B.S.

    Mrs ParkhurstMrs Parkhurst15 tundi tagasi
  • 7:42 that hit agent mulder hard

    doobiedoobie17 tundi tagasi
  • We are living in a dome. This man is a demon. Wake up.

    Colten ArmbrusterColten Armbruster18 tundi tagasi
  • Man went from owning PayPal to trying to colonize Mars, fucking legend.

    Anthony DeGraziaAnthony DeGrazia18 tundi tagasi
  • Yes! He is the future! DO NOT DEPOPULATED THE EARTH alike Gates wants to do it Sterilizing young women instead, Move us to the STARS!!!

    Tom ClephaneTom Clephane20 tundi tagasi
  • 5:40 , joe questions elon....elon looking for all available exits. lol

    Joshua GonzalezJoshua Gonzalez20 tundi tagasi
  • The heavens are the Lords, but the earth he has given to mankind. Psalms 115:16

    W SW S20 tundi tagasi
  • Space Force might be the step we need to stop the next asteroid in 50 years.

    DewkChronicDewkChronic21 tund tagasi
  • ET we know are probably from Earth and didnt have breaks in their civilizations like Romans and fall of rome. What would people from the poles look like after 25,000 years of un interupted growth.

    DewkChronicDewkChronic21 tund tagasi
  • these are the morons who are gonna put people into "houses" that are going to be insulated down to -100C??? what about the EM radiation? unless you're living under the ground there's more or less zero protection, can't grasp why these egomaniacs are treated like intellectual rock stars given their motivation is $$$$$$$,

    Jim CummingsJim Cummings22 tundi tagasi
  • on mars in the daytime it's about -20C and at night closer to -100C, most will be dead from radiation poisoning inside a year or two if they even survive the trip, then these suckers will lose muscle mass daily until they can't even come back to earth, they'll eat each other alive inside a year or two,

    Jim CummingsJim Cummings22 tundi tagasi
  • 7:07 Elon's reaction if Aliens came to Earth 😆

    RaiseTheSpiritRaiseTheSpirit22 tundi tagasi
  • Cmon Elon, you could’ve acted better than that about you not interested bout aliens lol you know something that you don’t want the public to know haha or maybe... you’re one of em 😉

    Deacon St. JohnDeacon St. John23 tundi tagasi
  • lol Elon Musk is so guilty. He knows something. i bet ya.

    Deacon St. JohnDeacon St. John23 tundi tagasi
  • I've watched so many codpast videos that I'm starting to forget that I'm watching the unedited versions of the podcast.

    MimiMimi23 tundi tagasi
  • Joe stop talking stupid

    Anoni.mouse sameAnoni.mouse samePäev tagasi
  • I wonder how Joe Rogan has multiplied his income from EEtvs by cutting the conversations into small pieces. He is a truly cheater.

    Max KamenskiiMax KamenskiiPäev tagasi
  • "go to Spotify now" to get a "playback failed" error and listen to nothing. It's fun, you'll like it, honest!

    James CairneyJames CairneyPäev tagasi
  • I agree with Musk; aliens=absurdity...💡

    NoctusNoctusPäev tagasi
  • Wow, JR you've come a LOOOOONG way from Fear Factor, bro😒

    NoctusNoctusPäev tagasi
  • I disagree with him up until he brought up the point of archeological findings. The pyramids do mot fit that time period

    jay leejay leePäev tagasi
  • 'Interstellar Plasma

    slowmopokeslowmopokePäev tagasi
  • Imagine if Elon Musk did dmt

    kaeley sarolakaeley sarolaPäev tagasi
  • I would like to know why Elon endorsed China energy in this podcast

    William JacksonWilliam JacksonPäev tagasi
  • JR: You heard of that Tic Tac UFO? EM: Erm.... That’s not we called it when we built it.

    CampingHoundsCampingHoundsPäev tagasi
  • Elon musk: if we found a piece of titanium... Ancient Egypt: what about King Tut's iron digard? Wasn't titanium but it wasn't iron from our earth....

    Jeffrey TurnageJeffrey TurnagePäev tagasi
  • Assuming Elon is correct, and there are no aliens. And we did expand across the universe. As humans grew on different planets would we evolve to fit each planets habitat? Making the martian humans different from earth humans (taller/shorter/stronger). And if we evolved to change or our appearance changed then each set of humans in each planet would in essence be aliens.

    Austin GartnerAustin GartnerPäev tagasi
  • Elon musk seems like a cool guy it would be cool to be friends with him i’m pretty sure we saw aliens they were like bright lights they were like two and then there was like 12 across the sky and straight line and then they would go back to two and they were doing that for at least 30 minutes to 40 but again we tried to zoom in in our phones and it looks like an iPhone 4 so but it could’ve been his satellite things

    LOGANS WallischLOGANS WallischPäev tagasi
  • Elon's next smoking weed is gonna be on Mars.

    Maron incMaron incPäev tagasi
  • There are no invasion ships because technological advancement forces a species to either overcome their aggressive nature or perish. In 200 years any 7 year old can build something as primitive as the fusion bombs we have today. And the peaceful aliens don't contact us because we are extremely uninteresting to them. They have seen billions of worlds like ours. A primitive semi-conscious species on the brink of self destruction. I bet they find apes like us extra annoying too. But that is probably just me wishing there was something special about us.

    JyvalJyvalPäev tagasi
  • I like how over time Aliens distance from humans seems to be proportional to camera technology, the photo's are not getting any clearer.

    KrystalKrystalPäev tagasi
  • Alien will definitely deny his existance

    Abeed AbeerAbeed AbeerPäev tagasi
  • He's got the comedic timing of Mark Normand, just slower.

    DanielDanielPäev tagasi
  • Elon really thinks he's the authority on everything space.

    DanielDanielPäev tagasi
  • He's speaks from the perspective of an alien on earth very well...

    DanielDanielPäev tagasi
  • Like the galaxy Isn't already colonised lol.

    Jay McGuffieJay McGuffiePäev tagasi
  • We can't even solve problems we have on Earth and he wants to ruin another planet?

    OldSchoolBaller 2020OldSchoolBaller 2020Päev tagasi
  • Its funny how i started watching this from my brother lol.

    Rene SosaRene SosaPäev tagasi
  • Earth is flat

    ChavoLeyChavoLeyPäev tagasi
  • yo that's not true there are countess castles and artifacts around the world that cant be made with today's technology

    Henry LjHenry LjPäev tagasi
  • The thumbnail looks like a Flying Dildo 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Yung GYung GPäev tagasi
  • he should look into the forever young experiment. with his chip, he should make regenerative health. forever alive. but it really needs to be in safe hands. if its able to be controlled.

    Holden BassHolden BassPäev tagasi
    • This isn't a good idea

      Bradlee MitchellBradlee MitchellPäev tagasi
  • The divergent view probably battle because jeff firstly seal on a obeisant temperature. spotless, understood party

    Moj wed Zas ceguMoj wed Zas ceguPäev tagasi
  • Colonizing the galaxy....! That's pretty arrogant. Nutz...!

    Astro Boy 10Astro Boy 10Päev tagasi
  • So elon believes in the "Great Filter" which in 2 ways his belief in aliens is that they were never able to progress past a self induced extinction or he believes if there are any out there they are so advanced and complex constantly evolving and growing at an exponential rate even simple aknowldegment of another species trying to pass that threshold has no grasp of what the one past it does

    PCGaming FunnyMomentsPCGaming FunnyMomentsPäev tagasi
  • When is the full episode coming out on EEtvs!?

    Mylène DurandMylène DurandPäev tagasi
  • He looked like a guilty child when Joe said tick tack.

    Tracey RippyTracey RippyPäev tagasi
  • The unbecoming twine parallely number because deadline unfortunatly continue under a subsequent glove. watery, ill-fated iris

    Jonah SrulevichJonah SrulevichPäev tagasi
  • Crocs lay their eggs underground and can go underwater so were protected when the asteroid hit As for the "shrews" a.k.a. early mammals, they used to live in burrows underground so were also protected. Dinosaurs did not completely go extinct. Theropod dinosaurs used to lay eggs underground and birds are descended from them.

    Jonathan O'HearnJonathan O'HearnPäev tagasi
    • Thanks what else

      Yung GYung GPäev tagasi
  • elon is a shiity liar making no eye contact talking about aliens

    SauceSaucePäev tagasi
  • Elon never laughs with his eyes it’s the scariest thing ever

    Julian DigraziaJulian DigraziaPäev tagasi
    • How does one laugh with their eyes?

      Yung GYung GPäev tagasi
  • You qiyamah is near

    Saif KhaliloSaif KhaliloPäev tagasi
  • You live in a world full of people that think for you....A lot of misinformation, global, domestic, independent research.... doesn't matter. You can't decide right from wrong until you have solid understandings in nature and psychology. Lifes serious.

    Corbin LesterCorbin LesterPäev tagasi
  • I always liked elon and i agree with his thoughts on this subject

    JustanotherprimateJustanotherprimatePäev tagasi
  • they wanna escape to mars because earth planet is dying due to climate change , pollution , over producing food, wasteland were f*cked, rich people go to mars middle class people stay here and d*e

    MelnMariaShowMelnMariaShow2 päeva tagasi
    • Thanks but that's hundreds and thousands of years away I'll be okay (I think)

      Yung GYung GPäev tagasi
  • dude, youtube is deleting comments, I will try repost here: hurrry and book your colonize the galaxy unit on the planet menu of tesla, if you get the 100k package you get the HVAC pioneering colony unit on Teslanite Plaid Way planets (a choice of 10,000 planets in the Milky Way) and the refreshed Teslanite Andromeda line of planets, coming soon in 2069

    Xpeng FangirlXpeng Fangirl2 päeva tagasi
  • tic tac plane, NO Joe i have never seen that. We dont know anything about that

    MatteMatte2 päeva tagasi
  • I think Elon already has that chip in his head

    emnoseye llA TMemnoseye llA TM2 päeva tagasi
  • Human DNA has been found Dating back 9.5 billion years!

    KeepFit DaddyukKeepFit Daddyuk2 päeva tagasi
  • That slimey Focker knows more than what he is letting on!

    KeepFit DaddyukKeepFit Daddyuk2 päeva tagasi
  • find caves on mars thats the best bet...caves require less recources to manage...water is the worst problem but if there is water we got oxygen aswell...if we got water we got dirt and food ....got this wierd ball idea for caves like get allot of lightweight detection balls small and just throw them on mars to roll because there was some kind of wind maybe some of the balls will fall and just detect caves ....tho caves would be even colder than the outside...prisms can solve the cold weather tho like you can make artificial prisms that just fry you inside the glass building... ofcourse on mars it would be good weather not frying...water tho.... that is the main deal water....hmm.. on the artificial gravity maybe like air just flowing with great speed from above could make the same effect as gravyty because you will be pushed down by air....like fans on top of you to push you down with allot of force is possible...water man that the biggest problem.....

    さくばしばSakubashibaさくばしばSakubashiba2 päeva tagasi
  • this is the smartest man alive? and he says there is no good evidence for ufos but hasnt heard of tic tac ufo pentagon videos? not so smart. but if your company makes rockets then it isnt convenient that something with no means of traditional propulsion exists...

    magneto675magneto6752 päeva tagasi
  • Mushroom: Kept in the dark and fed on horseshit. Are you a shrewd human; or a mushroom? Excellent question.

    EffDiff EyeNoEffDiff EyeNo2 päeva tagasi
  • This was a good experience.

    FBI has joined the chatFBI has joined the chat2 päeva tagasi
  • Elon, just stop it... u never land on other planet

    farhan amrifarhan amri2 päeva tagasi
  • Electric Jesus wouldn't have the balls to get aboard one of his rockets, much less go to Mars, his butt hole must be extremely jealous of all the bs that comes out of his mouth, i wonder if he was drunk on his own Tequila or if he was smoking too much space weed when he chose X AE A-12 for his son's name, poor kid, what a weirdo

    guy proulxguy proulx2 päeva tagasi
  • Wow, This Elon Musk dude seems pretty cool, i think he's the type of guy to start a space company and try to put people on Mars. He looks like he would do such a thing

    End_The_Suffering _End_The_Suffering _2 päeva tagasi
  • I've personally had one signficant sighting. It's taken me a long time to be willing to be open to the possibility of sufficiently advanced civilizations that can cloak their presence on demand, just so they don't invoke a self-destructive kind of fear in our primitive psyches.

    PsychXPsychX2 päeva tagasi
    • @EEtvs Sucks p.s. I'm sorry you see the world thru the lens of deservability. I wish I could help.

      PsychXPsychX12 tundi tagasi
    • @EEtvs Sucks well, all beings engage in some form of reproduction / energy-exchange facilitation. Not sure what you think sex is / might be. And the consciousness-melding element of that --- or even a simile conversation with a genuine E.T. would possibly make my psyche a little more fluid than I may be ready to handle. Because in fluidity, all frozen/walled-off traumas become fair game. There'll be no more buffer of numbess nor dissociation between me and my chronically in-pain self --- and, honestly, as much progress as I've made over the last decade... I suspect I still have a long way to go.

      PsychXPsychX12 tundi tagasi
    • @PsychX Who said anything about sex? Xanxatarians aren't those kinda girls. I was right, you don't deserve it.

      YouTube SucksYouTube SucksPäev tagasi
    • @EEtvs Sucks Lol. I honestly don't think my own psyche could handle a physical encounter (much less sex) with an E.T. Not yet anyways. At my current pace, who knows. It's possible I'll be able to handle contact within my lifetime.

      PsychXPsychXPäev tagasi
    • You promised you wouldn't tell anyone about me dude. I was gonna set you up with a nice girl from Xanxatar 12 but I guess you don't deserve it

      YouTube SucksYouTube SucksPäev tagasi
  • We are the aliens

    Every DayEvery Day2 päeva tagasi
  • colonizing galaxy? We cant even find missing flights.

    Hamza KhanHamza Khan2 päeva tagasi
  • We cant even solve our issues down here, now you want to export them. You ppl are nuts.

    meno morenomeno moreno2 päeva tagasi
  • He said he think he’s know about... yet hasnt heard about the 2 biggest disclosure events in human history...k

    MX TWMX TW2 päeva tagasi
  • The way he speaks is just wired👀

    Jaidyne OxendineJaidyne Oxendine2 päeva tagasi
  • The Geological hisory of Earth reads like a massive, extermination horror book. He is so on the point there. I took the book out of curiosity because my uncle is a renowned Geologist. I could not read it to the end. I mean cataclysms as a constant. Just makes you think how worthless and small you really are. We have been here, this is not the hight of our human civilization we lack the memory of it. We are now in front of a new devastating cycle. You dont need to believe me just way and pray you have a chance to see the water in human kind evaporate. Not many get that opportunity.

    Prend LalaPrend Lala2 päeva tagasi
  • Really sussed out with that "there's no alien life on earth" stutter I suppose we are another alien life to aliens🤔

    Chris IrvingChris Irving2 päeva tagasi