DOES THIS MAKE YOU HAPPY? | Ep 4 | Don't Try This At Home

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Directed by NERF
Produced by Nev
Filmed by Oscar Alva & Kyle Carper
Edited by Eugene Weis & Oscar Alva

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  • david is such and idiot he has to think before he dose that type of shit man that's not cool man hope u doing well Jeff love u man!

    heyo master23heyo master232 minutit tagasi
  • Why is he still friends with him. I thought David Dobrick got cancelled.

    Christopher Bonadio-CappielloChristopher Bonadio-Cappiello5 minutit tagasi
  • After episode 3 i had a overwhelming feeling that this horrific accident is not any more Dobriks fault than Witteks. Im glad hes getting it out. Healing is so important, but to begin to resent someone who WAS next to you in the hospital, who obviously CARED a helluva lot about what he was in part, responsible for shows Dobriks character. Witteks anger is understandable! 1000%. But I think its being misplaced. Where is the anger he should feel for his decision to stop wakeboarding? For his absolute gung-ho attitude to turn the danger up a notch for views. I feel like im watching a cut from the cloth passive-aggressive move. Hit DD where it hurts under the not so greatly disguised “i’m just coming clean and being a total awesome guy.” You got hurt doing some stupid shit no one twisted your arm to do. Youre going after your friend who you know would take it back in an instant. It should be called “coming clean..being dirty”

    Ja_ QuestJa_ Quest18 minutit tagasi
  • I’ll pray for you dude ❤️

    Ashley Said hiAshley Said hi19 minutit tagasi
  • Wow does Daves Sick look non existent in that jump suit!🤣😝

    CharrCharr20 minutit tagasi
  • 6:40 😂

    saca dabsaca dab22 minutit tagasi
  • Jeff to real 🤛🏼🤛🏼✌🏼

    chris johnsonchris johnson23 minutit tagasi
  • Why lie and say its your first jump? So stupid after everything else

    Chase ParrellChase Parrell33 minutit tagasi
  • David redemption show?

    greencordialgreencordial34 minutit tagasi
  • The amount of people reaching and trying to twist this into some sort of proof that David is "evil" is ridiculous. They're all friends that love each other, they all are also human, mistakes and bad decisions are going to be made in each of our lifetime's.

    cash gamingcash gaming36 minutit tagasi
  • Atleast he did it for once risked his life for a friends views

    Tricia RenaiTricia Renai37 minutit tagasi
  • This feels like two main charactwrs turning on eachother

    JollegamingJollegaming44 minutit tagasi
  • David literally destroyed Jeff’s life. I used to watch him but after everything that he’s done to his friends I just don’t like him anymore.

    Brielle GibsonBrielle Gibson45 minutit tagasi
  • He laughing about I would beat the shit of David

    AmariAmariTund tagasi
  • Stay safe bud♥️🤕

    Odilanma EvidenceOdilanma EvidenceTund tagasi
  • So I just watched this and there are two things that can be pulled if this was taken to court. 1. The assumption of risk doctrine. In Jeff's case in court it would be known he assumed risk by his actions making him responsible for his injuries ESPECIALLY with the allotted time in which he had to assess the risk. However, there is contributory negligence on davids part for his failure to insure safety. At the end of the day david would pay only a small amount of money for jeffs injuries. Jeff if he involved a legal team would more than likely settle for more money to cover doctors bills.

    SethSethTund tagasi
  • This makes me emotional af. Proud of you Jeff... keep being strong.

    Noelle SumnerNoelle SumnerTund tagasi
  • When is he posting his next video

    Valentina GandarillaValentina GandarillaTund tagasi
  • I commented about 18 month ago saying about David saying he’s going to kill someone on a video and I was nearly correct

    Yakmn 13Yakmn 132 tundi tagasi
  • Idk I understand the culture in their friend group. BUT I still wouldn’t do something I don’t want to do, or that’s dangerous. It’s almost like he’s taking no accountability for being a grown man that decided to do something stupid. David is Extra clearly , not excusing that , but it’s not all his fault . There were MULTIPLE adults there to tell David no that’s not a good idea, or even speak up. None of you do that. None of you stop laughing til he got hurt. And most of the time , they CHOOSE to be part of stunts. That makes no sense to me. And now he’s saying he felt better while David was freaking out about his injury . Like that seems weird. Like David was hoping you felt better . And what made you happy was seeing him freak. You had all these clips while doing these videos being buddy buddy with him after the accident , to then come out with a documentary. Idk these you tubers all know what they’re doing and they all aren’t EACHOTHERS friend

    podriguez123podriguez1232 tundi tagasi
  • King❤️

    Oliver ThorénOliver Thorén2 tundi tagasi
  • Damn I really want to see the next one, Jeff you’re such a sweetheart

    Alessia BraccettiAlessia Braccetti2 tundi tagasi
  • Respect for Jeff📈📈📈📈📈📈📈

    Joslyn HwanJoslyn Hwan2 tundi tagasi
  • To be fair Jeff is acting like a kid. Get over it.

    Charlie DayCharlie Day2 tundi tagasi
  • I understand david it was a silly stunt no one thought it would go this bad and he feels bad but he doesn’t know what to do because he doesn’t want to baby him like how you baby abs baby when he scrapes his knee because Jeff would prolly get mad over someone who cause the injury to try to say “are you ok”

    Ax E-Z FilmsAx E-Z Films2 tundi tagasi
  • When is the next episode coming Jeff

    Purva PatilPurva Patil3 tundi tagasi
  • Why is everything so black and white to people? If you think David is this soulless monster you're actually ignorant. If you think that David doesn't feel horrible about what happened and being responsible for it then you're actually ignorant. If you think that good friends can't be on talking terms after an ACCIDENT then you're actually ignorant. It's not about right or wrong because life isn't black and white, at all. So many hypocrites with closed minds in these comments.

    KoryKory3 tundi tagasi
  • Alright here is a thing fuck cancel culture now David also needs to make a club house for his fans like Logan Paul where these 37 years old guys with 12 years of brain can't cancel him that's why everyone is leaving EEtvs wtf do you want humans to be perfect in 2021 or wt??

    Raju RajRaju Raj3 tundi tagasi
  • questioning whether or not some of y’all would have the same energy towards David if he hadn’t gotten exposed earlier this year...

    Jenna YimJenna Yim3 tundi tagasi
  • Alright so from your recent videos I just knew one thing that you were jealous of David and I didn't know that . Bro human makes mistake so David is also a human despite of being with him you are doing This to David realising video so that everyone can hate him more ??? you also know he didn't do it purposely he never wanted to hurt you that's why he went to skydive so that you can feel good . Why you was in jail for your mistakes right ??? Just keep in head that human makes mistake and if you can't forgive then don't expect someone to forgive you in your bad times . Do you think that you existed in EEtvs without David ever??

    priya singhpriya singh3 tundi tagasi
  • I hate David and this group so much. Stupid and irresponsible.

    Tori SandlerTori Sandler3 tundi tagasi
    • And?

      SsTtFfUp sNowSsTtFfUp sNow2 tundi tagasi
  • But why is no one talking about the fact that Jeff got onto the machine knowing David was David and that he’s completely unexperienced as well, with something like this.

    bella strambella stram3 tundi tagasi
  • Bro you got on it . You took the risk. Don't blame nobody but yourself... Sad but it's the truth

    Korey KitchellKorey Kitchell4 tundi tagasi
    • He blames himself as well, Only Trisha's minions put all the blame on david,

      SsTtFfUp sNowSsTtFfUp sNow2 tundi tagasi
  • nah david is still cancelled

    Jan LaujJan Lauj4 tundi tagasi
    • You're gonna cry of anger when his next vlog comes out LMAO 😂😂😂

      SsTtFfUp sNowSsTtFfUp sNow2 tundi tagasi
  • I understand what happened to him. I’ve been through the same thing just the cause was different. I had reconstructive surgery like twice if I’m remembering right. The doctors told me I was lucky to be alive.

    Hailey RailHailey Rail5 tundi tagasi
  • 2:06 is so annoying why tf is david acting like he’s the victim😐😐

    Alivea GonzalezAlivea Gonzalez5 tundi tagasi
  • david is a horrible friend

    Samantha WilliamsSamantha Williams6 tundi tagasi
    • Stfu

      Marckeese 316Marckeese 3166 tundi tagasi
  • I’m praying for you I hope everything ends up fine in the end ❤️ stay safe and keep going

    Jaydain DanielleJaydain Danielle6 tundi tagasi
  • I just want to hug Jeff so bad.

    Hailey BrownHailey Brown7 tundi tagasi
  • The fact that he’s trying to forgive David is so insane to me. Jeff, you can absolutely be angry and upset about what happened. He almost killed you. I hope David learns from this and stops putting his “friends” in danger. He doesn’t deserve a platform. You’re a trooper, Jeff

    TasmyneTasmyne7 tundi tagasi
  • So funny like now you are all speaking on David Dobrik like he is a punching bag with all bad qualities, and just year ago he was your fav social net star...

    Šimon PorubčanŠimon Porubčan7 tundi tagasi
  • Ughh I was so nervous to watch this, it sucks seeing someone hurt. Love that Jeff still has his since of humor. Great doc. Wishing you well Jeff.

    Roxana NavarroRoxana Navarro8 tundi tagasi
  • Just because David open doors for you doesn’t mean you can’t shut them in his face. What he did could have killed you and you can forgive without giving him a place in your life.

    Hope LasseterHope Lasseter8 tundi tagasi
  • This is so cringe, like David is NOT a kid y’all. He is a man, a very rich man and he giggles the whole time like he is in middle school. He didn’t even act that upset. But I know his crew are too scared to leave him, I mean look at Gabby Hanna 😳 he is a check and that’s Hollywood baby. Good luck with yalls “bits”.

    AlabamberAlabamber9 tundi tagasi
    • Money talks. Funny how he's a grown ass man at the age of 24 and Jeff is 30 lol "Hannah" was a young "girl" at the age of 20 and David was a grown man at the age of 21lol

      SsTtFfUp sNowSsTtFfUp sNow2 tundi tagasi
  • I don’t watch David but he seems manipulative and selfish and only cares abt the content

    Ashton JewellAshton Jewell9 tundi tagasi
  • Jeff seems like an ok guy, David comes across as a bit slimey and selfish, I may be wrong but. ?

    PreparedDeathPreparedDeath9 tundi tagasi
  • My optic nerve got damaged in 2015, people made fun of my “wobbly” eye too, and lost my vision for many months. Had to keep that eye closed for 4 months... it was hell. I feel for you dude going through all of this!

    MsMissyMinecraftMsMissyMinecraft10 tundi tagasi
  • is skydiving ''risking your life'' tho? i mean everything and anything is double and triple checked

    TeroxTerox10 tundi tagasi
  • Why isn't it acceptable for David to be accountable for his actions? Why aren't they condoning his actions, rather 'he didn't mean to hurt his friend'. The fact is he didn't care about the consequences of his actions as long as it was video (and therefore money) worthy. David is fucking dangerous.

    Justiceforbimini !Justiceforbimini !10 tundi tagasi
  • How has david got away with all this?

    Charlotte AustinCharlotte Austin10 tundi tagasi
  • One day this David guy's gonna hurt bad. I mean, he even still having the balls to swear in front of Jeff instead of Apologizing. God damnit Jeff my man.

    Gary ChromeGary Chrome10 tundi tagasi
  • idk man Jeff forcing David to do something he clearly wasn’t actually comfortable with doing doesn’t seem like the right thing to do? Jeff willingly got on that tracker thing and he was willingly jumping out of the planes as well?

    Lauren McCallLauren McCall10 tundi tagasi
  • RELAX! This was an accident, it's not like David tied him up and cut his eye out? remember, Jeff got up on that rope himself! Accidents happen.

    SheeeshSheeesh11 tundi tagasi
  • “I don’t want money or cars”

    Isun RandilaIsun Randila12 tundi tagasi
  • 🚮🤮

    Jose jimenezJose jimenez12 tundi tagasi
  • I hope your eye heals ASAP, no one deserves to go thru this just for a video 💯

    Tom NantaraTom Nantara14 tundi tagasi
  • Why are they acting like skydiving is this crazy dangerous experience? When I went it was relaxing??

    Tah TakTah Tak14 tundi tagasi
  • Dude we are only seeing this Bc Jeff couldn’t jump back Bc David literally fucked his life over and now Jeff is now forced to talk about what happened for clout because let me say it again DAVID FUCKED HIS LIFE UP (but he also made him)

    BrokenHearted 3BrokenHearted 314 tundi tagasi
  • The way he said “it seems like im going to lose my eye”😕 he sounded so hopeless and scared.. I truly hope he can just leave David behind. He deserves better friends than that

    viviana Gonzalezviviana Gonzalez14 tundi tagasi
  • When you take smash that like button too seriously

    Hero_Cat78Hero_Cat7814 tundi tagasi
  • What the fuck are these people doing smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

    David AnayaDavid Anaya14 tundi tagasi
  • When is going to upload the next episode 👀

    DEVNI DDEVNI D14 tundi tagasi
  • How is David so chill when his eyeless/brainless friend is right in front of him. I would literally be ashamed of even looking at him in the face. Smh.

    Olivia WhiteOlivia White14 tundi tagasi
  • David is a sad excuse of a human being, given all that has come to light it saddens me to have once supported him. Hopefully he can grow from this but even then I can never look at him the same.

    amour 999amour 99914 tundi tagasi
  • Miss David now a days :/

    Becka BebopBecka Bebop15 tundi tagasi
  • This morning I seen a clip of this on tiktok and watched the doc shortly after and alllll day I can’t stop thinking about this!! Praying for you Jeff, you are loved and you are not your scars or accident. You are you 🧡it’s okay not to be okay. I salute the divinity within you.

    Shyann BrunoShyann Bruno15 tundi tagasi
  • Did david even say sorry ?

    Danielle WeeksDanielle Weeks15 tundi tagasi
  • please stop being friends with these people ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.please jeff

    koheli Daskoheli Das15 tundi tagasi
  • David is a maniac

    Mario HimselfMario Himself15 tundi tagasi
  • David is a bad “friend” who only has people to help him and he doesn’t do shit to help them back

    Mini MeMini Me15 tundi tagasi
  • This makes me feel like David has absolutely zero regard for anyone’s well being but his own. I didn’t think that until I heard Jeff say he hadn’t hear from David for a month. Like whattt

    Myah duhMyah duh16 tundi tagasi
  • Listen David is a nice person but wht he has done to Jeff is f!!!!! Up but I would forgive him

    msq gamingmsq gaming16 tundi tagasi
  • Hey dude I hope you’re doin okay. Hang in there

    Xyomi NazarioXyomi Nazario16 tundi tagasi
  • I miss David

    Nick KerrNick Kerr16 tundi tagasi
  • You’re amazing and do what you have to do to get better regardless of peoples words because as long as you take the mental actions to be happy with yourself and love yourself with or without the friends or looks, you will still always be able to achieve anything and it’s not the actions that make you more alive it’s all mental and your thoughts and emotions Matter most in life. Prayers you get well and I hope you heal healthy. Also this platform doesn’t give you success it’s your mental and I hope what you consider success is healthy because you deserve it to be healthy in all ways in life. You always matter.

    Destiny GonzalesDestiny Gonzales17 tundi tagasi
  • awkward when David has jumped out a plane before...

    SerenaAliceSerenaAlice17 tundi tagasi
  • Can someone please explain what's going on here to me? completely clueless here

    James FisherJames Fisher17 tundi tagasi
  • Cancel him! Using you and your friends for a fucking content and put your lives in danger? 🙄 WTH?

    Vash Ortiz #QueenVVash Ortiz #QueenV17 tundi tagasi
  • imagine lacking so much foresight that you'd ride an industrial construction machine like you're a character from phineas & ferb

    DomDom17 tundi tagasi
  • I really hope David changes for the better because I really don’t feel like he understands how much this has and is going to impact Jeff for the rest of his life. I’m the same age as David and if I caused any of my friends harm like this I would do anything and everything to help them get through all of this so it’s insane that he didn’t talk to Jeff for a whole month after this because he didn’t know what to say like just say anything, communication is key. Not talking does nothing! David needs a reaaaal bad reality check and I hope this was it. But in other terms it sucks to see how hard this had been for Jeff & I wish he would let himself feel what he needs to feel. Moving on to quick from trauma can lead to issues with yourself or others later as well as holding a grudge forever. It also sucks seeing him hate how he looks now due to the accident but I hope this can show him how to be more appreciative about other things in life that don’t have to do with vanity so much. Life is a lot more than that & he still is a very handsome guy regardless of his scars and injury the important thing here is getting his eyesight back & for him to continue living his life because looks aren’t going to last forever regardless.

    KimmieKimmie17 tundi tagasi
  • No one can ever go thru the shit Jeff had to go thru man

    Wassabi MasabWassabi Masab17 tundi tagasi
  • Surely he could have went to any doctor office or hospital and got a nurse to remove the stitches...

    Adam McCartneyAdam McCartney17 tundi tagasi
  • 6:06 He sounds just like Schmidt!

    daffkuhdaffkuh18 tundi tagasi
  • I wish everyone in these comments that has a positive or negative opinion on David would just stfu and realize they actually no have idea who David is as a person.

    Nic CornewNic Cornew18 tundi tagasi
  • It’s not like your smoking meth you don’t know what real problems are

    Jordan 12905Jordan 1290518 tundi tagasi
  • Jeff, I wish I could hug you. This is awful. Continued prayers! Hoping you heal quickly 💓 Take it day by day!

    Destiny RomeroDestiny Romero18 tundi tagasi
  • David is really a piece of shit cuz how are gonna say that jumping out of a plane is dangerous but your scary ass wants your “friends” to jump out the plane for you.

    Calculus OwlCalculus Owl18 tundi tagasi
  • What’s up with Jeff’s lazy eye

    Nicholas WallinNicholas Wallin19 tundi tagasi
  • I think the whole point of these episodes is to show viewers what’s been going on with Jeff. I’m not so sure he wanted all the negativity though so instead of blaming and speaking for him, focus on being supportive and not toxic. Wish you the best ❤️

    Litzi Vega-RuizLitzi Vega-Ruiz19 tundi tagasi
  • Ok but David already jumped out of a plane before? With Liza if i remember correctly. It's not like this would be his first time. 🤔 Jeff may be able to forgive him for what David did to him, but I personally can not look at David the same way I did before all of this stuff came out and will not be supporting him anymore.

    Lazar JaksicLazar Jaksic19 tundi tagasi
  • Gosh this really distracted from the whole rape thing

    Chloe DamoneChloe Damone19 tundi tagasi
  • Cut his parachute say sorry after tho

    EFFYEFFY19 tundi tagasi
  • i just want to say my dad was in a motor cycle accident his head got crushed but some how he survived it was hard but he made it. glad you are alive my friend.

    Aldo RiveronAldo Riveron19 tundi tagasi
  • We need ep:5 😭.. hope u doing well ..

    AMNAHAMNAH19 tundi tagasi
  • Upload the rest of the god damn episodes already quit dragging it out

    1unseen121unseen1219 tundi tagasi
  • It’s really confusing how it says next time and it shows him cry and then it plays some cool pop music like 5 seconds after 😂😂

    🔥FLAME🔥🔥FLAME🔥19 tundi tagasi
  • All of you always took things too far all the time,shit happens take responsibility for your own actions 🎬

    shannonpaul92shannonpaul9219 tundi tagasi
  • Hey Jeff just wanted to let you know I really do appreciate the ability you have to not only be an influencer but be able to go through what you went through and keep posting and keep doing what you love it’s just something that really does inspire a lot of people and i have literally sat here all day today watching these videos and showing my friends and it sucks that there are bumps in life bro but I swear man if you ain’t the strongest guy on the internet for pushing through Idk who is stay strong brother and keep fighting for your eyes sake and for your sake there is a lot of shit that we as viewers don’t know you deal with and I get that but I want to encourage you to continue to stay strong and perceiver through anything and everything that life throws your way I will be praying for you to have a safe healthy recovery and I hope that things begin to look up in the years to come for your future god bless man stay safe out there ✌🏻

    M CM C19 tundi tagasi
  • Show me Jonah, actual Jonah, saying he doesn’t feel disrespected from you calling your friend ‘Jonah’, and I’ll feel bad for you....disrespectful POS

    Eric GEric G19 tundi tagasi
  • Didn't david jump out of a plane in the vlog where he married jason's mom? He's lying when he says it's his first jump

    James T. aicragJames T. aicrag19 tundi tagasi