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  • Praise the Jon "comfort wipe" Tron!

    Vincent van HalVincent van Hal6 tundi tagasi
  • The King has returned

    ham sandwichham sandwich6 tundi tagasi
  • When your dance partner gives you Vietnam flashbacks

    Logan ReedLogan Reed7 tundi tagasi
  • Don't leave me...

    Heavy Weapons BirdHeavy Weapons Bird7 tundi tagasi

    The BatmanThe Batman9 tundi tagasi
  • That’s a great pulp fiction poster

    Kyle TankingKyle Tanking9 tundi tagasi
  • its been fun jon, see you next year!

    a ba b9 tundi tagasi
  • 8:59 *"Life is hell this way"*

    SkitchSkitch10 tundi tagasi
  • O K N O W Y O U H A V E M Y A T T E N T I O N

    Brian McCartyBrian McCarty11 tundi tagasi
  • that friggin ending killed me lmfao

    roboiagoroboiago13 tundi tagasi
  • Wat?! WTF?!

    Falco WingsFalco Wings14 tundi tagasi
  • Cant smile. Face is swollen up from surgery. Johny boy makes me happy

    zefg123zefg12315 tundi tagasi
  • Ah yes, after years of studies and research we finnally found it The weapon against humanity *A nail cutter with a Acog 4x sight*

    Atharva SaxenaAtharva Saxena15 tundi tagasi
  • the robot is just a hunk of plastic with wheels and an ipad

    RR16 tundi tagasi
  • Thanks to 6:34, I can't take a shit without thinking about Jon.

    Oliver KooglerOliver Koogler16 tundi tagasi
  • The Korean people literally said that Korea is one of the fastest aging countries... LIKE WHY THE HELL ARE YOU AGING FASTER WUT

    Great YeeterGreat Yeeter16 tundi tagasi

    Negative -Negative -16 tundi tagasi
  • The Elder Scrolls joke had me rolling 15:09

    Jacob OotenJacob Ooten16 tundi tagasi
  • Hey! I scrunch, maaaaan!

    Grandmother ProductionsGrandmother Productions16 tundi tagasi

    Mister BonesMister Bones16 tundi tagasi
  • Money

    Idiot GamerIdiot Gamer17 tundi tagasi
  • The longer you don’t post I do hardcore drugs

    what Joshuawhat Joshua17 tundi tagasi
  • Hey what happened to your bird?

    Wrong ChannelWrong Channel18 tundi tagasi
  • Jon got thicc around 8:30

    Vex ZorroVex Zorro18 tundi tagasi

    tawhid raiyantawhid raiyan19 tundi tagasi
  • What?What the Fuck

    孫࿆悟空࿆SonGoku孫࿆悟空࿆SonGoku19 tundi tagasi
  • Jontron: *tries to do kane fu* Instructor: and stealing her child

    Jayzard231Jayzard23119 tundi tagasi
  • Hey jon, did Oj ever get even with you on Twitter? It’s 32 cause that was his number

    Ethan FillmanEthan Fillman19 tundi tagasi
  • The way the lady talks about the robot is so sad, someone just visit her or take care of her Jesus Christ

    Saxy DudeSaxy Dude19 tundi tagasi
  • Review Y2K The MOVIE

    Stewie RaneyStewie Raney19 tundi tagasi
  • Rudy would actually be a pretty sick invention if its applications and design weren’t so limited. R2D2 irl

    Jonathan DeversJonathan Devers20 tundi tagasi
  • The door is locked

    LemonwhisperLemonwhisper20 tundi tagasi
  • What? What tha fuck? Meme of that guy

    Evaristo Loves Miracle WolfieEvaristo Loves Miracle Wolfie20 tundi tagasi
  • Every moment of this video was a freaking gold mine 👌

    Lady OwlLady Owl20 tundi tagasi
  • Jon Tron cured my depression.

    LopeliLopeli20 tundi tagasi
  • Video parodying product commercials... Also Jontron ad for honey : D But fun video!

    KejiriKejiri20 tundi tagasi
  • Glad to see you are posting again

    Noah BlendenNoah Blenden21 tund tagasi
  • Remember when he made awesomely insane video game reviews? But at least caddicarus has filled that hole.

    Justin JanickiJustin Janicki21 tund tagasi
  • Jon tron please stop ending your videos

    John DoeJohn Doe21 tund tagasi
  • I only know you from the memes

    ————————21 tund tagasi
  • Just incase anyone didn't know because I didn't either, perforation is a small hole in something (or a hole in the ground, to use the comfort wipe in)

    Captain AutismCaptain Autism22 tundi tagasi
  • good to have you back Jon

    Isaac PortilloIsaac Portillo23 tundi tagasi
  • 13:45 Squidbillies: Now that is just sad as hell...

    Chad CuckproducerChad Cuckproducer23 tundi tagasi
  • Return of the King

    Naveed ButtNaveed Butt23 tundi tagasi

    Potato esPotato esPäev tagasi
  • The Skyrim bit took me out

    kvntckrkvntckrPäev tagasi
  • It’s to the point everyone of his videos is gonna start with “im back!!”

    Kade ScrogginsKade ScrogginsPäev tagasi
  • the face mask thing was in the move holy man. Pretty funny

    gill sgill sPäev tagasi
  • i missed you so much @jontronshow you are so funny man thank you for making funny videos

    charles nealcharles nealPäev tagasi
  • look! it da guy in da memes!

    TETPTETPPäev tagasi
  • This Skyrim bit, 15:10, had me on the floor XD

    Alex FoxAlex FoxPäev tagasi
  • Great now we have to wait another 268 days for John to upload again

    crimson redcrimson redPäev tagasi
  • Remember when jontron used to make videogame reviews and didnt hate immigrants?

    Ramiel ScreamRamiel ScreamPäev tagasi
    • No but I remember when I became your step father, biggest disappointment but also happiest day of my life cause your mom sure has cake

      YasukeYasukePäev tagasi
    • Living rent free in your head isn’t he?

      Kenneth LatorreKenneth LatorrePäev tagasi
  • All hail the king

    Forgotten-childForgotten-childPäev tagasi
  • Take off two years and then release two back to back episodes in the same week. The internet would explode.

    Ben FranklinBen FranklinPäev tagasi
  • *The avatar has returned*

    Jaydon NixonJaydon NixonPäev tagasi
  • 1:28 "fastest aging??" does time move quicker in Korea? Is there some kind of reverse-fountain of youth tainting the water supply?

    Greg JenkinsonGreg JenkinsonPäev tagasi
  • 6:46

    That One Dude beatboxThat One Dude beatboxPäev tagasi
  • OwO will not comment on this comment

    SimplelodonSimplelodonPäev tagasi
  • 10:25 Of course she doesn't consult her nonexistant cauldron, Jon. That's what the Magic Mirror is for. Also, how old is this infomercial? Is it from the early 90s or the late 80s? It's fucking d e e p f r i e d .

    Jack NeesonJack NeesonPäev tagasi
  • oK nOw YoU hAVe mY AttEnTioN

    Raphael SurisantosRaphael SurisantosPäev tagasi
  • If i was someones grandpa and they bought me a robot to take care of me id hang myself with the powercord.

    Jerko ArdalićJerko ArdalićPäev tagasi
  • dude every video you have me laughing like crazy

    Emily TreuEmily TreuPäev tagasi
  • If my grandpa put on that mask i would run away from her

    pragaro bliūdelispragaro bliūdelisPäev tagasi
  • Not laughed so much at a EEtvs video in so long. Absolutely crying.

    TheValorousTheValorousPäev tagasi
  • true

    Mikiehil RobinsonMikiehil RobinsonPäev tagasi

    Owen BainOwen BainPäev tagasi
  • 4:09 Looks at tv, see a bunch of guys twerking also so glad you're back

  • can you please do another flex seal video? they have a new product a paste this time. and welcome back.

    WanupgurlWanupgurlPäev tagasi
  • When the world needed him most...he was doing something else...but he's back now, so let's watch.

    Jared RossJared RossPäev tagasi
  • When's the next video?

    Arrex ProxArrex ProxPäev tagasi
  • Is it to late to say i miss the game reviews

    vukvukPäev tagasi
    • No. You can miss them, nothing wrong with that.

      Kenneth LatorreKenneth LatorrePäev tagasi
  • you are gay

    Etzerdlas GaudistubenEtzerdlas GaudistubenPäev tagasi
  • What you see as a love one I see as easy money -Sun tzu

    thewarpotato Ofcthewarpotato OfcPäev tagasi
    • See you in 2022

      bodoti qwiubodoti qwiuPäev tagasi
  • I used to be a scruncher. Until I realised folding was easier

    SlimmonSlimmonPäev tagasi
  • Just get a bidet

    Frenchfry WaffleFrenchfry WafflePäev tagasi
  • I miss the JonTron intro

    VattsuVattsuPäev tagasi
  • Am i the only one who watches jontron on a daily basis?

    Messy JuanMessy JuanPäev tagasi
  • 6:46 ladies and gentlemen, we have a meme

    Korok SeedKorok SeedPäev tagasi
  • 16:24 why was I waiting for him to Accsedently hit him😅

    The_Weird._.1.The_Weird._.1.Päev tagasi
  • When John Tron says a video would not be possible without an ad I mean sponsor I believe him

    m mm mPäev tagasi

    Andres RodriguezAndres RodriguezPäev tagasi
  • WELP... Time for another jontron marathon... who's with me?

    Pixel NuggetPixel NuggetPäev tagasi
  • The boi be back I put this comment two weeks after this posted but Jon be back

    None BrightNone BrightPäev tagasi
  • Does this mans have a Gameboy FRIDGE?!? Thats AWESOME.

    John TrellstonJohn TrellstonPäev tagasi
  • I only scrunch in public, in order to assert my dominance in case I forget to flush. If you ever see scrunched up toilet paper in public, know that I am there, watching you. I see you, Anton. Wash your foreskin.

    AlTheAwesome 2AlTheAwesome 2Päev tagasi
  • Buy a comfortable gun! Has zero recoils and no need to reload! Its perfect for your child to bring to school and your child will love it!

    HedwollHedwollPäev tagasi
  • See you in 2022

    MrPumaralantMrPumaralantPäev tagasi
  • I love how he gets hit and the music keeps playing

    MrGodManMrGodManPäev tagasi

    LegendPiggyLegendPiggyPäev tagasi
  • I don’t know about you guys but you ever seen these ads on cable tv that are long as shit

    Sir Shaun The IIISir Shaun The IIIPäev tagasi
  • the messiah has returned

    poopytrooper420poopytrooper420Päev tagasi
  • Flex tape made another ad in 2020 is called flex ceal i think

    Rick Van GraanRick Van GraanPäev tagasi
  • What I got out of this entirety of this channels history is..... I am josephi crackowski with flex tape

    Dire miralis 63Dire miralis 63Päev tagasi
  • Everything in this video looks like the focus of a Doctor Who episode

    B PlusB PlusPäev tagasi
  • Oh you played the algorithm alright. 4 million+ views!


    Freeblade InvictusFreeblade InvictusPäev tagasi

    J MuellerJ MuellerPäev tagasi
  • That robot for old people looks like shitpost frieza

    Andrew AndersonAndrew AndersonPäev tagasi
  • Imagine someone gets invited to Jontron's house who hasn't seen his videos and they just see this face mask crap for women and other weird shit in his house. 😄

    Luigi 7777Luigi 7777Päev tagasi