I spent a day with CORPSE HUSBAND

I spent a day with faceless creator and musician Corpse_Husband AKA CORPSE.
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  • come back next week for *I spent a day with REALITY SHIFTERS*. 🎙 PODCAST OF THIS & PREVIOUS CORPSE INTERVIEW: Spotify ▸ ​open.spotify.com/show/5aOLuPenneHbhLh05fmkeu​ Apple ▸ ​podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/i-spent-a-day-with/id1550213250​

    AnthonyPadillaAnthonyPadilla28 päeva tagasi
    • i think its a good perspective thath u have beacus u were the bigest the smalest and ur in the game for the longest

      catapultcatapult3 päeva tagasi
    • hey

      Hamadpro 12Hamadpro 125 päeva tagasi
    • Corpseypooh u don't have to do a face reveal. Cupcakes :)

      cc2mykccc2mykc17 päeva tagasi
    • I have questions for the reality shifters that you're gonna interview! 😃😃😃 1. How long did it take for you guys to completely shift from your cr to dr? 2. How did you recognize that you've already shifted and are in a new reality?

      Nghi LuuNghi Luu22 päeva tagasi
    • I'm hoping u picked good people for the reality shifting one, there's so much misinformation and fake shifters

      Side 999Side 99922 päeva tagasi
  • I feel like they actually homies

    KaDeN the bossKaDeN the bossTund tagasi
  • When corpse husband's face gets leaked, yall better pretend you can't see

    Ki Jiyu『黄自由』Ki Jiyu『黄自由』3 tundi tagasi
  • Imagine having a billion medical conditions and still being positive and joking around, despite the fact he can’t even really be active anymore. And, it’s scary how since he blew up he’s afraid to speak in public thinking “they’re gonna find out who I am.” Overall he’s trying his best to not let his conditions define him.

    AboodAbood5 tundi tagasi
  • I started to tear up when corpse started to talk about the razor because I felt so bad

    Natalie SmithNatalie Smith6 tundi tagasi
  • "Its not a joke like i hate myself as a person" fuck bro :(

    JuliannaJulianna7 tundi tagasi
  • I hate how true it is when he talks about the people hating on him for no reason. Like i hate how cruel this world is to where people cant be themselves. I just want to give this man a hug and tell him how amazing he really is as a person and thank him for not giving up

    JuliannaJulianna7 tundi tagasi
  • 5:19 i just want to give him a hug.

    JuliannaJulianna7 tundi tagasi
  • This is literally suffering from success

    Neon NatellaNeon Natella7 tundi tagasi
  • 6:00 he sound like a dying granny

    ihasaraxihasarax7 tundi tagasi
  • If he does show his face I will stick with him no matter what he looks like I'm waiting for dreams and when you guys show your faces I will be there because it's about the personality not the looks❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

    lilly_1234lilly_12348 tundi tagasi
  • I feel so bad for corpse. he is so innocent and pure.

    Ah YiAh Yi9 tundi tagasi
  • People are crazy! He's just a person. He seems really cool and talented.

    MJ JJMJ JJ11 tundi tagasi
  • That animated CORPSE SOOOOOOO SICK

    Black MambaBlack Mamba11 tundi tagasi
  • Cada vez que escucho a Corpse, quiero abrazarlo y darle todo el amor del mundo porque se lo merece♡

    Tefy LeivaTefy Leiva11 tundi tagasi
  • It fake

    Alexandra TerryAlexandra Terry12 tundi tagasi
  • That animation though

    The Skating GoatThe Skating Goat13 tundi tagasi
  • Do what fits “CH” your identity is personal your awesome, anxiety is a fucking demon that can be lil or enormous.

    Jaureice HambricJaureice Hambric14 tundi tagasi
  • Next with sykkuno hahaha

    Xrain ZeroXrain Zero15 tundi tagasi
  • Couldn't agree more when corpse answered with "its terrifying" to the word dating.

    Spoocy RamenSpoocy Ramen16 tundi tagasi
  • I hope corpse finds love. I feel like someone can help with his pain and anxiety.

    Elgx3 13Elgx3 1316 tundi tagasi
  • I hope he doesn’t do a face reveal even if he wants to because I feel like he’s being pressured and it’s obvious he’s self-conscious about his appearance and there will always be people that will think he’s “ugly” and hate on him for it

    Mara ThompsonMara Thompson17 tundi tagasi
  • dude i just know hes fine

    kiley freelove23kiley freelove2317 tundi tagasi
  • Everyone search for the art corpse found that looked like him...

    MolFitzMolFitz18 tundi tagasi
  • Anthony is so lucky to be the only youtuber who seen him in real life

    MolFitzMolFitz18 tundi tagasi
  • is it an animated char or is his face just animated.

    Anime GangAnime Gang19 tundi tagasi
  • Yo

  • Corpse - I get bored easily from doing stuffs Me - Maybe I am Corpse 😂

    Zod1aCZod1aC19 tundi tagasi
  • I enjoyed the interview and I'm super impressed with the growth you've made as an interviewer over the years. There is just one comment I'd like to make and that is the twisting/shaking of the video made me really dizzy and nauseous

    Yvonne1137Yvonne113720 tundi tagasi
  • corpse must be high cause i dont see the interviewer

    lawlzenlawlzen20 tundi tagasi
  • Corpse deserves all the love and support. He's in a tough spot and hopefully everyone is supporting him and treasures the time we get with him. Doesn't matter if we know what he looks like or not

    Billdip_stories X3Billdip_stories X321 tund tagasi
  • I have sense of what he looks like from the pics ive seen of his body lol

    L_A_U_ YL_A_U_ Y21 tund tagasi
  • I feel sad hearing him talk about his arm. I hope it gets better for him he deserves it.

    Billdip_stories X3Billdip_stories X321 tund tagasi
  • He looks scary

    samantha alfarosamantha alfaro22 tundi tagasi
  • Ok but you can tell he's genuine by not even shouting out his own yt acc. He shouted out Anthony and bingus (hail bingus 😌😂) and that was it.

    JackieJackie22 tundi tagasi
  • 15:54 That's literally what so many people do to dream stans. Just poke and provoke, calling them toxic for no reason with no evidence.

    Ana AlinaAna Alina22 tundi tagasi
    • I'm a Stan And I can agree to this I don't yell at him or anything I JUST SUPPORT THEM and they just started to say "Ew fook off" And stuff and even tho I just say something like " oh :( " they go "EW THIS STAN IS TOXIC" or whatever like tf

      This Stupid Potato :3This Stupid Potato :32 tundi tagasi
  • The only time I would want to see corpse's face is when he's really ready and willing to do it. If that day would come, I will be so happy for him...not for the reason that I got the chance to see his face but because I know it means that after all the pain and struggles he's been through, he managed to overcome it and had the courage to finally show his smile to the world. If ever that day would come, I would be so so so proud of him. Ps. I will always pray that there will comes a day that all his pains, worries and struggles would finally leave him and I would still be happy for him even if he wants to remain faceless forever. I just wants him to be okay, he's been through so much.

    loeydumploeydumpPäev tagasi
    • It is the only acceptable reason to see his face. Not because someone leaked it or he accidentally revealed i. I WOULD ONLY SEE HIS FACE IF HE TRULY WANTS IT. Let's respect that

      loeydumploeydumpPäev tagasi
  • *Holds phone backwards*

    ‣mitsune•‣mitsune•Päev tagasi

    Kay EKay EPäev tagasi
  • He looking not real he looking a anima boy

    ãmmåãmmåPäev tagasi
  • I Love agoraphopic it makes me feel not so alone whit my fellings!

    Momo UWUMomo UWUPäev tagasi
  • I honestly I love the "avatar" in the video, it really gives a more alive vibe, like when he probably is smiling you see the avatar's jaw rise a bit

    Leo gourdonLeo gourdonPäev tagasi
  • :O he looks cool

    Gabriela HaizelGabriela HaizelPäev tagasi
  • This man needs a hug

    Jacob Ren Robyn HarkenssJacob Ren Robyn HarkenssPäev tagasi
  • 7:02 my favourite part of the video

    Geode PotentialGeode PotentialPäev tagasi
  • Corpse’s voice is bass

    Brandon DoucetteBrandon DoucettePäev tagasi
  • me when im bored on yt: cmt on random videos, about everything i love about them, and how talented/good ppl are at making them... other ppl: ima roast him/her/them for breathing.

    Ashy ChillAshy ChillPäev tagasi
  • cringe

    zimbabwezimbabwePäev tagasi
  • this is not real

    Sanad MoucatshSanad MoucatshPäev tagasi
  • love you corpse, i hope you're doing good

    RedWolfie GreyRedWolfie GreyPäev tagasi
  • Before this interview my only perspective of Corpse was through a video my cousin showed me briefly of him playing among us. From this interview I can see how hard Corpse is working in perusing his admissions as a youtuber. I know that this comment is a little old so no one is likely to read this but I hope that Corpse is someday able to see past those terrible people and find his own happiness. Good Luck

    Olivia RizzoOlivia RizzoPäev tagasi
  • Holy moley, that Corpse animation sitting with Anthony is terrifying.

    KinggamesKinggamesPäev tagasi
  • Plot-twist: It's just Anthony's double on nitrogen😂

    Staci PerryStaci PerryPäev tagasi
  • 7:14 face reveal?

    Luke Caputo-SullivanLuke Caputo-SullivanPäev tagasi
    • bruuuh I always knew corpse was an elderly black women. smh no one believed me.

      赤緑青ラム赤緑青ラムPäev tagasi
  • I need a friend like corpse T_T

    Lady BloodieLady BloodiePäev tagasi
  • Corpse is probably super cute

    Aliya FenskeAliya FenskePäev tagasi
    • Honestly 🍓

      Devyn NDevyn NPäev tagasi
  • He will be exposed eventually

    imDTPimDTPPäev tagasi
  • Corpse, you are such an awesome person, and you deserve all of the popularity and love that you get. Keep doing what you do and sharing your story - your TRUE fans will continue to support you REGARDLESS of remaining faceless. Lots of love and support and HUGE MIDDLE FINGERS to all of the haters and people throwing shade for no freaking reason aside from how honest you are.

    GriffinGal1991GriffinGal1991Päev tagasi
  • Ive been watching Corpse for the longest time and I dont care if he ever decided to do a face reveal or not because I love him and his content either way

    McKenzie ReedMcKenzie ReedPäev tagasi
  • The one thing I hate is people that have naturally deep voices can’t talk like that without people saying “that’s fake”

    AlchemitectAlchemitectPäev tagasi
  • As someone who deals with body image issues and serious anxiety, I don't blame Corpse at all for wanting to keep his face hidden. I hope no one ever pushes him to reveal himself, he deserves all the love and respect in the world

    MusicalNerd1MusicalNerd1Päev tagasi
  • Damn I thought I had a deep voice but after seeing corpse husband I’m nothing

    TenetwoTenetwoPäev tagasi
  • Corpse is like a funny and nice guy like if I would ever meet him just some where I would never take a photo if he wants to do A face reveal it’s ok I’m just not that type of person

    Queen JessicaQueen JessicaPäev tagasi
  • does he have a therapist cuz........ no words...

    MarielaMarielaPäev tagasi
  • So, does he have a voice changer?

    Carson WatsonCarson WatsonPäev tagasi
    • No it’s he’s voice he has condition that makes he’s voice lower

      Queen JessicaQueen JessicaPäev tagasi
    • idk

      Kid LolKid LolPäev tagasi
  • This person probley has a cool face!!


  • My friend says he knows Corpse and knows what he looks like but I don't believe it

    ray shiroganeray shiroganePäev tagasi
  • That animation of Corpse is so hot 😏😏

    Wittle KittenWittle KittenPäev tagasi
  • Honestly, I just hope Corpse gets to live a great life. I just worry for him and I just want him to be happy and fine.

    RosehertluvRosehertluvPäev tagasi
  • did you choke him like you hate him tho

    RattlesnakeRattlesnakePäev tagasi

    Miguel EagleMiguel EaglePäev tagasi
  • 25:43 damn

    Xenos HYperXenos HYperPäev tagasi
  • Just to let all of you know i will die to protect copses identity

    god marongod maronPäev tagasi
  • that animation is so creepy but right when he said "hello" my heart went warm and i felt safe

    WatupbwordWatupbwordPäev tagasi
  • He seems like a nice guy! I don't watch Corpse, but he seems like a good person. I hope things are thrown in his favour and I hope his condition with his arms won't get worse.

    JustAnotherAnimeNerdJustAnotherAnimeNerdPäev tagasi
  • corpse if u see this idk about ur voice ur a good youtuber either way:)

    Gianluca Di CeccoGianluca Di CeccoPäev tagasi
  • He’s so precious

    Kelsie ConoverKelsie ConoverPäev tagasi
  • I had a teacher and she had some accident with het throat and it made her voice extremely deep and raspy, Maybe she is corpse husband 😬

    Mister MyronMister MyronPäev tagasi
  • I still can’t believe that people would hate on him just for being himself. My former brother in law (RIP) had a disease much like what corpse has. It sucked. I hope he can live without that pain

    Wackinator 66Wackinator 66Päev tagasi
  • Even if I see Corpse by mistake, I will pull out my eyeballs or hit myself in the head to cause temporary memory loss. I said what I said

    Nidhi TattitaliNidhi TattitaliPäev tagasi
  • this is fake corpse

    Gregory RichardsonGregory RichardsonPäev tagasi

    Nora TomineNora TominePäev tagasi
  • "-I've f*cked around and made country songs before" dude i need a friend like this tf-

    Rania RRania RPäev tagasi
  • A guy i talked to in a discord vc got gerd and said “bro! Im gonna sound like corpse now!”

    Conor WalleConor WallePäev tagasi
  • If corpse ever accidentally reveals his face I'm legit gonna gouge my eyes out, thanks.

    Rania RRania RPäev tagasi
  • Honestly a thanksgiving dinner with corpse and his family sounds amaizing

    Sofía HerreraSofía HerreraPäev tagasi
  • why does corpse look animated?

    JCGxpJCGxpPäev tagasi
  • yes

    mons jodimons jodiPäev tagasi
  • I just want Corpse to be happy. I hope he is someday.

    Rachel HarrisRachel HarrisPäev tagasi
  • can he start a damn podcast already?

    sifsifPäev tagasi
  • Corpse I can't sleep bc of this

    only cum in anime girlsonly cum in anime girlsPäev tagasi
  • Man....I just want to hug Corpse and comfort him, but I know he probably won't like contact. But I really wanna help him in any way I can.

    Knucklette/Shade The Alpha WolfKnucklette/Shade The Alpha WolfPäev tagasi
  • Surprise. Those ten dislikes are all trisha Paytays "alters" bro.

    WeaselWaifuWeaselWaifuPäev tagasi
  • " not competing with anybody dude I'm just talkin."

    Chad AssholeChad AssholePäev tagasi
  • I visualize a time where for Corpse someone reveals his face, and all his fans have an "I'm Spartacus." moment. Just thousands of people standing up saying... "I'm Corpse Husband!" "NO, I'm Corpse husband!"

    JP ProvinsJP ProvinsPäev tagasi
  • He sounds like a little bit of vince hacker

    Megan TubeMegan TubePäev tagasi
  • He looks hot lmao

    Megan TubeMegan TubePäev tagasi
  • Anthony with Corpse Makes me remember how bi i am lmao

    Carter PowersCarter PowersPäev tagasi
  • He had a voiceline and animated corpse so corpse is not actually there because Covid-19

    Jelly BeanJelly BeanPäev tagasi