EUROVISION Winners vs TOP SELLING Songs of the same year

Listen to Lil Pitchy's new song "Just For You":
Do you think the EUROVISION songs were better than the TOP SELLING songs??
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EUROVISION Winners vs TOP SELLING Songs of the year
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  • Hard Rock Hallelujah 🇫🇮 Greetings from Finland!

    Erika PaqvalinErika Paqvalin18 minutit tagasi
  • I’m heavy Eurovision biased, so everything Eurovision wins

    lore koxlore kox57 minutit tagasi
  • Rybak looks like a mixture of Zac Efron and Liam Payne tbh!

    GlethilGlethilTund tagasi
  • Still nothing will beat the epic sax guy

    Cătălina C.Cătălina C.2 tundi tagasi
  • During the whole Nepolian unit of AP Euro history, my teacher played "Waterloo" on repeat, at the beginning and end of each class at least 3x every day for a week

    Some PotatoSome Potato4 tundi tagasi
  • Hot take: Toy should not have won in 2018.

    River CrystalRiver Crystal4 tundi tagasi
  • Joel after listening to song "The Way We Were": It's pretty ni-- OKAY, i gotta give it to Waterloo 🎊

    Marijana MaliMarijana Mali4 tundi tagasi
  • Did you seriously pick euphoria instead of somebody that i used to know? B r o

    сварогавнасварогавна6 tundi tagasi
  • Roomie when watching fairytale: I dont really like the voice *me angerly shaking* Also me ;-; why roomie..

    StarGirlBffStarGirlBff6 tundi tagasi
  • eurovision won for me 7 to 6

    XSunacXXSunacX7 tundi tagasi
  • Actually Neta's song is about the me too movement and not just a weird and stupid song

    TalTal9 tundi tagasi
  • You should do the 2017 one

    João EusébioJoão Eusébio9 tundi tagasi
  • Yo the first 2 songs is hard but I kinda wanna go with somebody that I used to know idk it just really liked it and idky

    Jak WolfeJak Wolfe11 tundi tagasi
  • Me: Watches Lena's Satellite Also me: MANGA SHOULD'VE WON, WE COULD BE THE SAME IS WAY BETTER

    David 4rancibiaDavid 4rancibia15 tundi tagasi
  • Eurovision always chooses the wrong winner Especially that NETA

    Bobo with the DodoBobo with the Dodo18 tundi tagasi
  • best eurovision song for me must go to Dana International - Diva

    CSOCSOCSOCSO19 tundi tagasi
  • LOL... Jordyn’s London’s floor routine song was an Eurovision song!? Wow! (Love it!)

    Laura RubioLaura Rubio19 tundi tagasi
  • Listen to CUMBIAAAAAAA......

    Esteban RochaEsteban Rocha20 tundi tagasi
  • she’s a pretty big pop star in Germany but satellite still has a very special place in my heart

    Rock girlRock girl21 tund tagasi
  • He should try out for Eurovision he has amazing music and vocals Just me or no?

    Demian EnriquezDemian Enriquez22 tundi tagasi
  • More pls!

    Chris FransenChris Fransen23 tundi tagasi
  • As a french, i honestly think i'm french And Bad in english

    alexandrealexandrePäev tagasi
    • Alexander Rybak won 12 fricking years ago and he hasn't aged a day. Singing about Fairytales while clearly being a fae himself.....

      Rock girlRock girl21 tund tagasi
  • Moooore

    Débora SeiçaDébora SeiçaPäev tagasi
  • Asså var mitt i en av dina kommentarer osså kom Folksams reklam upp med hon som sjunger med en ukulele om att hon glömt handbromsen😂 bara hörde dig kommentera den videon i mitt huvud o börja asgarva hahah. Det kanske vore en rolig video att kolla på reklamjingles☺️

    Ebba SkrufsEbba SkrufsPäev tagasi
  • Me watching this video from Italy being sad because you didn’t put any Italian singer in the video 😥 ahahahah

    Erika LapucciErika LapucciPäev tagasi
  • what abot portugal

    Chax DaniChax DaniPäev tagasi
  • My only disappointment was the 4 Tops.

    DJ Harris 161DJ Harris 161Päev tagasi
  • George Michael is from Cyprus by the way!

    ??????????????????????????????Päev tagasi
  • Me from Germany waiting patiently for Lena’s Eurovision audition (?):

    MaryamMaryamPäev tagasi
  • Lordi's song at Eurovision really gave me huge goosebumps! Loved it then, love it now. More metal in Eurovision!!!

    Pinky`Pinky`Päev tagasi
  • I'm waiting for to react to bulgarian's musiccc...not the present one tho. OLD ROCK ONLYY

    BassMTBassMTPäev tagasi
  • Seems like 2018 was worst about music.

    Ehtiram AliyevEhtiram AliyevPäev tagasi
  • WTF all France gall and Céline Dion are french

    Leopardblanc _Leopardblanc _Päev tagasi
  • We need to make him reacting to this year's Eurovision Songs. This year is so strong and it should get more attention!

    ESC FINNESC FINNPäev tagasi
  • Lordi is the most feel good win of them all since they came in and said "fuck your ballads, fuck your pop songs, fuck your joke entries. Its time for hard rock!" and they proved that diverse genres COULD succeed.

    AllThatJazzAllThatJazzPäev tagasi

    Finn LeonardFinn LeonardPäev tagasi
  • Alexander Rybak won 12 fricking years ago and he hasn't aged a day. Singing about Fairytales while clearly being a fae himself.....

    AllThatJazzAllThatJazzPäev tagasi
  • 2006 ... Lordi killed the game ! x'D

    Marie DBkMarie DBkPäev tagasi
  • Айдеееее, българи🔥

    SSlionSSlionPäev tagasi
  • Is it just me or does he have the same mouth as annoying orange? 🤔

    Tony KaspersenTony KaspersenPäev tagasi
  • Video idea (might be suggested already) : Top selling song vs Most streamed song on Spotify (same year)

    David NelawmaDavid NelawmaPäev tagasi
  • Torilla nähdään! Lordi

    Micu MäkitaloMicu MäkitaloPäev tagasi
  • Not u mentioning my country lmao literally wild

    DramaCorn62DramaCorn62Päev tagasi
  • poupée means doll in french

    BTS got jamsBTS got jamsPäev tagasi
  • Play Jaja Ding Dong! 😅

    Melanie CaspárMelanie CaspárPäev tagasi
  • Eh, Eurovision--buncha EDM pop that sounds the same. An extra drum beat is exotic to these white Euros lol

    F4K3F4K3Päev tagasi
  • “Just kidding it’s not Taylor Swift. It’s... umm... a German woman.” Thanks for clarifying, Joel.

    Ivy FlossIvy FlossPäev tagasi
  • best thing that happened to me thanks to this video: discovering Lordi. Thanks man!

    Carolina EsquedaCarolina EsquedaPäev tagasi
  • Did anyone else not like Toy? I was a bit mad when it won Eurovision.

    Aoife ClancyAoife ClancyPäev tagasi
  • pls more :-)

    Julz B.Julz B.Päev tagasi
  • Was ready to root for Olsen Brothers but then Santana came and yeah, alright 😂

    Carina LennøCarina LennøPäev tagasi
  • Toy is one of the worst winners of all time

    GRAHAM2109GRAHAM2109Päev tagasi
  • I also feel like every year at Eurovision I get so frustrated because about 70% of the songs remind me of another pop song! Usually I go: WAIT i know that waitwaitwaaaiiiiitwait, and then I can sing over it with the 'copied' song. Would be a fun video actually to put those similar songs next to each other.

    Story KillerStory KillerPäev tagasi
  • Next 🎙Eurovision songs: Fuego Cyprus, My Number One Elena Paparizou, Warrior (Georgia Nina Sublatti), Loïc Nottet, Ivi Adamou Lalalove Cyprus, Golden Boy Israel, Latvia Aminata Love Injected, Jamala 1944. AND Eimear Quinn The Voice. And Conchita Wurst. 🎼And Gjon's Tears Tout L'Univers🌌 Did I leave anyone out ? 🤔

    Jaded KateJaded KatePäev tagasi
  • Slovenia? We won i think 2015 or some year i can't remember..

    Domen JaklDomen JaklPäev tagasi
  • Greek guy here. About the Ruslana song ("Wild dances"), you just haven't lived through almost being trampled in a club at 3 a.m. when this blasts. You would get it then 😝

    Alex PapaAlex PapaPäev tagasi
  • Euphoria is the best recent song from Eurovision in my opinion

    YeetYeet2 päeva tagasi
  • Petition for roomie to review next eurovision songs, press like

    FedericaFederica2 päeva tagasi
  • I Came Because I Saw Chicken Lady In The Title.

    The Goth Red BrushThe Goth Red Brush2 päeva tagasi
  • if sunshine project run away from 2010 won though

    George Walker - games and lifeGeorge Walker - games and life2 päeva tagasi
  • ...You picked the poopy song over the Four Tops? I don't understand. Agree with most of your picks, but that one baffles me.

    Tyghe DeerfieldTyghe Deerfield2 päeva tagasi
  • 100% not biased on lordi bc it’s finland. Of course.

    Ellis M.Ellis M.2 päeva tagasi
  • Me waiting for 2007 (when my country won) like: 👁👄👁

    彡Emas Texting Story彡Emas Texting Story2 päeva tagasi
  • My grandma was apparently always compared to the girl in ABBA with the curly hair but she wasn’t pleased cuz my grandpa’s favorite girl was the blonde with the straight hair so she always had a grudge against ABBA and him for that😂 Maybe that’s why my mom doesn’t like ABBA to as she grew up with that.....then there’s me vibin😳

    Chaeyoungs Strawberry FarmChaeyoungs Strawberry Farm2 päeva tagasi
  • Toy vs God's plan * Point to God's Plan * Me a european and someone that loves that song: and I took that personally 😂

    Letizia LorussoLetizia Lorusso2 päeva tagasi
  • I’ve recently gotten back into my obsession with Eurovision. I forget about it every year till it starts and I fall right back in😂🙌🏻

    Chaeyoungs Strawberry FarmChaeyoungs Strawberry Farm2 päeva tagasi
  • Thank you for including Eurovision! Though there was a clear difference in how long the songs were played in each pair, so it was easy to guess which one would be chosen.

    Bianca_DK_GLBianca_DK_GL2 päeva tagasi
  • Now I NEED a "Rise Like a Phoenix" x "Happy" face off

    Thife AlmeidaThife Almeida2 päeva tagasi
  • React to this years eurovision songs!!

    EmaEma2 päeva tagasi
  • Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light

    Raf VenRaf Ven2 päeva tagasi
  • Poupée = a doll

    Roe PauRoe Pau2 päeva tagasi
  • Joel loving canadians artists, LOVE THAT

    Roe PauRoe Pau2 päeva tagasi
  • The best thing about when Lordi won is the second place was Carola from Sweden (artist active in the pentecostal church) and she was dead sure she was going to win, and then she didn't and it was the most wonderful moment in Eurovision history

    Viktoria BackéusViktoria Backéus2 päeva tagasi
  • fly on the wings of love is way better in danish

    Mikaela SørensenMikaela Sørensen2 päeva tagasi
  • Sergey Lazarev must be in the Eurovision compilation, but they didn't give him 1st place, only second 2 times

    Ваня БажутинВаня Бажутин2 päeva tagasi
  • Me, who lives nowhere close to Europe and has no idea about Eurovision: happy I now have 10 new songs in my playlist

    sehhi vootysehhi vooty2 päeva tagasi
    • watch some compilation videos, is worth it is like 70% is very regular and kinda dumb, but the other 30% are just massive hits

      David 4rancibiaDavid 4rancibia15 tundi tagasi
  • Make a video on world idol

    Homer SimpsonHomer Simpson2 päeva tagasi
  • Lordi was in eurovision when I was 3 and now my parents tell me how I was standing in front of the tv screaming HA HA HALLELUJAH while my older brothers were scared of their costumes xd

    Emerald JellyEmerald Jelly2 päeva tagasi
    • I actually started crying from laughter on this comment, that is too adorable 😂

      pausepause2 tundi tagasi
  • I would totally watch the Bulgaria video 😂Just saying...

    Iveta PetrushevaIveta Petrusheva2 päeva tagasi
    • "Poupée" means "doll", so the french title "Poupée de cire, poupée de son" means "Wax Doll, Sound Doll".

      sehhi vootysehhi vooty2 päeva tagasi
  • Seeing so many people together to hear live music makes me kinda nostalgic and sad

    akaawolakaawol2 päeva tagasi
  • My all time favourite winner of Eurovision was Ukraine in 2016. There’s nothing beating that.

    Marta MMarta M2 päeva tagasi
  • The more i watch this channel, the more i hear of Drake and the more i fucking hate his music

    Brok KoliBrok Koli2 päeva tagasi
  • Winner of 2009 Eurovision was breathtaking It‘s the most deserved win ever

    Zea LonaZea Lona2 päeva tagasi
  • I'm american and I got into Eurovision in 2016 and I love it!!

    Penny PrimPenny Prim2 päeva tagasi
  • We want a part too ❤

    Xrisrinaa .m_Xrisrinaa .m_2 päeva tagasi
  • I was waiting for your reaction to portugal's song "Amar pelos dois". Still waiting..... 😶

    Jessica BritesJessica Brites2 päeva tagasi
  • The elvis song sound strange because it was a live record in a simil-pub 😅

    gigibubu100gigibubu1002 päeva tagasi
  • We neeeeeeed more Eurovision songs! C’moooon Joel! Ur European 😅

    KazeOnnaKazeOnna2 päeva tagasi
  • Me: semi-spaced-out Joel: Euphoria Me: trans attention noises also me: realizes that he's talking about something else. trans disappointment

    soiung toiuesoiung toiue2 päeva tagasi
  • That was actually not the official _Physical_ music video btw. You're gonna be shocked if you discover the genuine one. 😁

    Frank S.Frank S.2 päeva tagasi
  • Yeah, pretty everybody bought Elton John's 1997 single because of its B-side... 🙄

    Frank S.Frank S.2 päeva tagasi
  • pretty certain there is a huge element of cultural comfort in your choices. lol. but i mean eurovision is kinda mocked by everyone,sooo what do i know.

    SpoOk Tricks N TreatsSpoOk Tricks N Treats2 päeva tagasi
    • real good song there..." sad editor noises me: "THAT WAS SUCH A COOL THING!!!!" OOOOOhhhhh I LOVED "Fairy Tale" when it came in the eurovision And then there comes

      soiung toiuesoiung toiue2 päeva tagasi
  • boom boom boom, got a kitkat!

    Tomislav LazicTomislav Lazic2 päeva tagasi
  • "Poupée" means "doll", so the french title "Poupée de cire, poupée de son" means "Wax Doll, Sound Doll".

    Lady SinisterLady Sinister2 päeva tagasi
  • Part 2 pls...but do in order like from 2000 to 2019

    Nikola BulicNikola Bulic2 päeva tagasi

    Lucy CamsellLucy Camsell2 päeva tagasi
  • Am I the only one wondering where all the Irish songs were because we have it either the most or joint most times with Sweden

    Jack MurrayJack Murray3 päeva tagasi
  • It always disappoints me slighlty when I watch Eurovision songs sung in English. I understand they probably do it for more playability internationally but I love to see countries sing in their native tongue.

    Shay MShay M3 päeva tagasi
    • Watch Sobral from Portugal, or Voilà from France

      DerLieslDerLiesl2 päeva tagasi
  • 2:09 uhm yes please I feel appreciated even hearing someone non Bulgarian mentioning it let alone u doing a vid ab it😭

    Sis BarbSis Barb3 päeva tagasi
  • I was so happy when Lena finally came and then came tik tok and I was Like: "okay byeeeee"

    Marthe HelmersMarthe Helmers3 päeva tagasi